Being Alpha

Being Alpha, The Alpha Girl Series, Book Seven by Aileen Erin | Ink MonsterThe Alpha Girl Series, Book Seven

For the first time since Tessa met Dastien, life is quiet. The evil witch, Luciana, is six glorious feet under, St. Ailbe’s is closed due to human trespassers, and people are finally getting used to the fact that supernaturals exist in the world. It seems like the perfect time for a honeymoon.

After traveling to Dastien’s house in Provence, clubbing in Paris, and attending Meredith and Donovan’s Full Moon Ceremony in Ireland, Tessa and Dastien head to the Caribbean. Their trip is turning out to be the honeymoon that fantasies are made of–sunset cruises, long walks on the beach, and every romantic cliché you can imagine. Tessa couldn’t be happier. Except that Tessa’s visions are on the fritz. She hopes that means that nothing is brewing. That everything is quiet because all is well. But Tessa’s never been one to assume anything.

When she’s magically attacked and nearly dies, Tessa knows she can’t ignore the signs anymore. Something huge is going on. As much as she doesn’t want to call an end to their six-week honeymoon, it’s time to head back to Texas.

Whoever messed with Tessa is in for a rude awakening. Because if there’s one thing fighting rogue witches and werewolves has taught her, it’s how to be Alpha.

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Recent Reviews

“This installment was 100% non-stop action, right from the first couple of pages up until the end. I love that Aileen can grab hold of my attention and make me lose focus on anything that is not her words, until I end up blowing through the pages until it is over.”

Smada’s Book Smack

“Aileen Erin did an astounding job with BEING ALPHA. It is full of non-stop action. It is thrilling from beginning to end.”

Diane, Goodreads

“This book sent shivers down my arms in many moments and had me laughing so hard it hurt at others.”

Eve, Functioning Insanity

“ It is filled with so much action that you will honestly be glued to it and falling deeper and deeper into its depths.”

The Avid Reader

“It was awesome to watch Tessa totally embrace her alpha-ness and leadership role (whether on purpose or just by nature). She and her band of misfits continues to grow and evolve in amazing ways.”

Carrie Reads A Lot

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