Cipher, The Shadow Ravens, Book One by Aileen Erin | Ink MonsterThe Shadow Ravens Series, Book One

Alone and on the run, Cipher doesn’t talk about her secrets, her powers, or the people chasing her. She can’t let anyone get that close. At least, she shouldn’t.

Knight is working undercover for the bad guys. He’s done things that have marked his soul, but it’ll all be worth it if he can save the girl who means everything to him—the girl who saved his life by putting herself in danger. It’s been twelve years, but Knight knows she’s still alive, and he’s made it his mission to find her and keep her safe.

When Knight finally catches up to Cipher, electricity sparks. He’s crazy gorgeous, stupid brilliant, and begging to lift the burden from Cipher’s shoulders. Can she really trust him with her secrets? With her life?

She doesn’t have long to decide, because Knight isn’t the only who’s been looking for her. Now Cipher can’t run without leaving him behind. What good is being together if they’re both dead?

To save Knight, Cipher will finally stop running…one way or another.



Recent Reviews

“I just have to say WOW, just WOW!!! What a fantastic start to a new series. […] This book is non-stop, edge of your seat action. But at the same time, there are plenty of sweet moments.”

Carol [Goodreads Addict]

“This is an exciting and well written story, drawing you in until you don’t want to put the book down. The world of the Seligo and Shadow Ravens is well developed, interesting, and brilliantly put together. […] The only downside to this book is that I have to wait a year for the next book!”

E. VanZwoll

“Wow, this is one of the best books I have read in a while. I mean hotdamn. […] This book was action packed and awesome. I can’t wait to read the sequel.”

Marie, Pages to Explore

 “Wow, simply wow. Alieen, you are the master of hitting me right in feels.”

Hannah L, The Not So Public Library

“Cipher was an amazing character and I loved the past history she shared with Knight, and the lengths he went to over the years to find her. I was impressed with the author, the series, and after reading Cipher I immediately made plans to read the next book, Quanta”

The Nauti Vixen

“The minute I met Cipher with her blue hair and tough attitude I knew I was invested in her story. She could have been in any world, and I would have followed her. That is beautiful character writing. Aileen Erin blew me away with the way Cipher experienced the world and once she met Knight I swooned for them as a couple.”

Aurora, Goodreads

“The plot was exciting and the pace was perfect. Aileen draws you in smoothly and sneaks them into your heart. Aileen has a gift at weaving amazing stories.”

Chené, Goodreads

“I loved this book. Fast paced, pure adrenaline the whole way through. Loved the characters Cipher and Knight. Loved the story and loved all the other characters as well.”

Katarina, Goodreads

“I just really enjoyed Cipher. It’s different than other Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romances I’ve read before. The plot is really strong as Knight attempts to bring Cipher to safety and she seeks revenge on her evil uncle. The romance never got insta-lovey or melodramatic, probably because the characters already knew each other from before. There’s a ton of non-stop action, explosions, car chases, helicopter chases, and evil scientists! It’s just great!”

Angie, Pinkindle

“Definitely impressing me, Cipher is a well written and electric (pun totally included!) tale that will no doubt leave you raring to see more of this delightful and engaging world”

Rachel, The Rest Is Still Unwritten

“[T]he scenes where Knight and Emma are on the run were so thrilling they actually made me hold my breath at times; the writing was so excellent and compelling.”

Diary of A Bookfiend

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