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A love-filled Friday!

For today’s Love-filled Friday, I posted about two love related things. I know it’s not five like I usually do, but hey–I’m on a deadline here! (Eeek!)

1. It’s Valentine’s Day, y’all. It’s funny that my mom who isn’t big into holidays loves Valentine’s Day. Like loooooves it. But I feel like every day should be Valentine’s Day.

The other day I found this video. I sent it to J (in an email titled “We do all of these things!”), and his reply was, “TOTES MAGOTES! :)” It’s true. We do all nine of these things every damned day. And not because we feel like we have to, but because we want to.

So, today J and I are apart. The first year we were dating, we were together for Valentine’s Day, but every year since, we’ve been apart because of his work stuff. That first year apart I was a little bummed, but I don’t get bummed anymore. Not even a little bit. He’s in South Africa right now, and I’m in London.  Valentine’s Day apart has turned into a running gag for us. We’re never together for it, and we don’t really care. Because every day is Valentine’s Day in our house. Meaning, not a day goes by that I don’t tell him that I love him. Multiple times. We’re like broken records over here. (We’re super barf inducing!)

And it’s not just like that for me and my husband. I tell my family and my friends I love them all the time. They’re all my Valentines. I never want a day to go by where people that I love don’t know that I love them. Because that would seriously suck. Right? For someone to not know that you love them is terrible! A tragedy. You could be bringing them joy just by saying three little words. Three words is all it takes for them to know how special they are to you and how much joy you get from them being in your life.

So, I randomly post on my friends’ walls when I’m thinking about them to tell them I love them. I email my family and let them know. I send little gifts in the mail when I see something someone I love might like.

You never know what can happen in life. Every day could be your last. Maybe it’s too morbid to think about on Valentine’s Day, but I wouldn’t want something to happen to myself or someone that I love and have them not know how I feel.

Have you told your loved ones how you feel about them? If not, give it a shot. It might not be easy at first. It might feel cheesy or dumb. But it’s not. Just keep doing it! You might just be shocked by what you hear in return. It could make your day.

Take my advice. Don’t wait for one day during the year to tell someone that you love them. Tell them, show them in every and any way you know how. Spread the love.

2. In the spirit of the above post, I thought I’d share with you my new favorite song. I looove it. A friend posted this video on her Facebook:

Y’all, I love it so much I can’t stand it! For so many reasons. First, because it’s a damned good song! It’s so catchy that I can’t help but clap along to it. Second, because I am happy. I haven’t always been, but the past seven years have been very happy. Sure, there are good days and bad days, but on the whole, I’m extremely happy. But what brings me back to it again and again is the video itself. It’s all these bits and pieces of LA, lots of which I recognize.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with LA pretty much from the first day I moved there. I think I’d been there maybe a week when I called my mom saying I wanted to move back to Texas, but she said no. To give it more time. There are negatives with LA. The crime. The traffic. The smog. The superficial nature of lots of the inhabitants. But there’s so much to love. It’s extremely diverse. And yes, it’s a sprawling mass with no public transport (although that’s finally changing…sort of), which makes it hard to get from one part to another, but it’s colorful. Full of life. Full of family and friends I absolutely love and treasure. It’s where I met and fell in love with J. And, damn it, it’s home.

Seeing those little bits of LA makes me smile. It makes me happy.

LA, I think I love you.


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