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Grazie a Dio! Il suo venerdì!

BUONGIORNO! I’m in Italy!

I skipped last Friday’s blog (sorry!) because my sister was in town. It was soooo good to spend some quality time with her. We chilled out in the AMs, and went out and about in the PMs. We saw MAMA MIA. It was a blast.

Now, I’m back to my regularly scheduled program.

But from Italy…

1. Being without interwebs is sucky. Yesterday we traveled here for J’s work, and had a wee mishap with the internet. We were only allowed 2 computers/room, and J hooked up 2, leaving me with none. Insert pouty face here. He raced off to meetings, and I felt a little cut off. Not just because I’m in a different country whose language I don’t speak, but also because I’m apparently totally addicted to checking my email and Facebook. It’s kind of a thing. Maybe if I wasn’t so busy right now, I wouldn’t have felt so lost…

It’s all been worked out today, and now—Heeeeeelloooooooo, internet!

2. Confession: I haven’t read THE MAZE RUNNER. It’s on my Kindle, but I haven’t read it. But I saw the trailer, and I’m kind of totally in.


3. I read this article that my wedding photographer (From almost four years ago! WHOA! Time flies!) posted on Facebook, “18 Signs You’re With the Guy You Should Marry.” Single ladies, read this! I have to agree 100,000,000,000%!!!

YES! Yes to this! He should be your biggest fan, and you should be his! I’ve been in relationships where I was his biggest fan, but he wasn’t even close to my biggest fan, and boy is that HORRIBLE for self-esteem. J is for sure my biggest fan, and I’m his. It’s a good thing. A very necessary thing in a partner, IMHO.

Again, YES!!! This is important, and not just about kids–but life, money, goals. If you’re not heading in the same place with the same sort of outlook, then it can be no bueno. Having the same values is mega important.

Yup! The photographer I mentioned who posted this…yeah, she showed up and walked right by me. (We hadn’t met in person before.) I was in jeans and a T-shirt. My hair had air dried and was a frizzy/curly/wavy mess. I had zip make-up on, and was putting together the candy bar (our favors). My sisters and Mom were frantically getting ready, doing their hair and whatnot, and I was just chilling. It wasn’t about the wedding for me, it was about sharing my life with him that mattered. I was going to have a fun wedding, but I knew the life after was what I really wanted. And the two weeks together. HELLS YES the two weeks of J time! Best two weeks ever!

Yup. Being BFFs with your spouse makes everything much easier/better/more awesome. Ladies, if your man isn’t your best friend, look for a guy who can/will be. Because it’s that friendship that will get you through the thick and thin.

Okay. Ending my rant. But read the rest of the article. Loved it.

4. Y’all, Italy is beautiful! We’re kind of in the mountains right now. So, I’m spending the day writing by in the cafe, looking out at the foggy mountains in the distance. Lovely!

But one thing was not lovely.

I got breakfast this AM. Amazing strawberry yogurt with cereal. A trio of tasty croissants. Nutella. Fresh squeezed blood orange juice.

And then this.

I thought, “Pears and chocolate…Didn’t know those went together.”

Y’all, they don’t. Yuck. Not a good combo.

But last night I had the best spicy salami pizza. So, it’s all good in the land of pasta, pizza, and paninis!

5. I’m finishing up third and final pass of revising for Avoiding Alpha. Next week, it’s off to proofreaders and to get converted! Wooohooo! The light of the end of the tunnel is here. So excited to get it out there to reviewers in April and to readers in May! It’s a little nerve-wracking, but in a good way. 🙂


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