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Holy Friday, Batman!

1. What does the fox say?

2. Moving + Heatwave + no A/C = le suck.


That said, it’s all done. We gave away, donated, or threw away everything we could. Ten boxes are being shipped from LH’s office, and everything else is shoved into the luggage allotment for Virgin Atlantic. I’m now in a hotel, and enjoying their lovely A/C. Tomorrow, we head to London. I’m exhausted, but ready for our next adventure.

3. Which brings me to LONDON!

London Love Big Ben

Every time I think about it, I get more excited. I’m sure this will wear off after a few days of cold weather, but for now, I can’t wait. In hopes of taking some trips around Europe (which I’ve never done), I bought Tachen’s 36 Hours 125 Weekend Trips in Europe. I keep telling myself that even if LH is working a ton, I’m going to get away and see the world. In reality, it probably won’t happen because I’m to shy to go off to a place all by myself. But a girl can dream. 😉

4. A couple of days ago Amazon announced it’s MatchBook Program—where it’s inviting publishers to join a program that bundles real paper books with their e-book version. So, even if you bought a book a few years ago, and now would like to purchase the e-book, you can do so for anywhere from $0.00 aka free to $0.99. Really rad. What do you think about it? Answer in comments below!

5. Last but not least, Becoming Alpha) is LIVE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! Finally! After a long time writing, and now a long time putting together the release, it’s almost out there in the world. It’s equally exciting and terrifying. Hopefully people will read it and like it. Fingers crossed!


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