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March Madness!!

March is always a little mad and this year is especially so. Maybe it’s the not-quite-spring vibe that gives us all a touch of cabin fever… which I have for other reasons, but I’ll get there.

The #1 most important thing about March is literal March Madness–the basketball! And now some of you are like, great, that’s boring, who cares. Don’t give in to this instinct. As a sports lover, NCAA tournament time is when you see the purest form of a game–it’s about teams and loyalty…the last flash of brilliance before players go off to the pro game and the loyalty gets replaced with salary. And as a story lover, you just can’t beat these narratives. You’ve got underdogs and upsets, Cinderella stories and dynasties, and hopes, dreams, and big expectations that never play out the way they’re supposed to. Even if you don’t follow sports, you’ve got to appreciate the drama of it all!

2. I spent a few days this month up at an elephant sanctuary. Wow. It was a wicked crazy experience. Playing with the babies was the best part, but it was a little overwhelming, especially because our guides/the mahouts never gave us the ‘this is how you interact with elephants’ spiel. So we climb a hill and the half-ton 1-year old comes charging at us because he knows we’ve got bananas. Then it was a mad dash to take photos and keep the food out of trunk reach. My friend and I stayed overnight with the hill tribe in a slat-type building on stilts with no electricity and no running water. Thank Buddha for mosquito netting!

I also got several offers to party with/possibly marry the mahouts because my pale-skinned and slightly meaty body is the ideal of beauty among the hill tribesmen… So I guess if I decide to give up this writing thing, I can get hitched to a jungle man and get myself an elephant in the deal.

3. I mentioned cabin fever, right? The air quality in Chiang Mai is getting worse and worse, so I’m trying to stay indoors and only venture outside for sustenance…equipped with my Shredder-style air mask, of course. I’ve had sketchy to no Internet in my apartment the past weeks, compounding the stir craziness. At least I’m getting a lot of work done!

Bad bad air


4. My new superhero romance is out in a few days! Specifically, March 24th. Hoorah! This is the stage when I panic and realize I haven’t done nearly as much promotion as I was supposed to be doing, but this time it’s really not my fault. With the bad Internet and bad air, I really cannot be expected to promote from inside the hermit cave. So this is me somewhat back online (as my Internet connection bumps in and out) and promoting Angel. Check it out if you like brainy-powered super ladies and sexy panther shifters.

You can find it wherever you usually find your books:

5. Quanta’s Soundtrack. I’ve been tinkering with this on and off and it’s changed a ton as the story has changed. I might maybe post the full track list next week, so until then, here’s a preview:

I love this video. It fits so perfectly with the Seligo and the Citadel… and really encapsulates a big part of Quanta’s story. Like, really perfectly ; ) Can’t wait to share the rest with you all!


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