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TBR 2015!

It’s flipping 2015 y’all!! This is the year we finally get hoverboards.

I’m pretty sure we’re also due for flying cars soon…we’re only five years away from 2020 and I always imagined we’d be like the Jetsons by then. Before that, 2015 is looking pretty awesome with upcoming reads and a few long-awaited books are finally releasing. In no particular order, here are my top TBR books of 2015:

1. Winds of Winter. Awwwwww yeah Song of Ice and Fire! We’ve all been waiting YEARS for this.

2. The Shadows. I’ve gotta get my Black Dagger Brotherhood fix, even if this isn’t exactly about the brothers. Ward always has plenty of POVs in the mix, so I’m sure we’ll get a few check-ins with the guys.

3. In A World Just Right. Jen Brooks is kinda awesome and you need to put her YA debut on your TBR list, stat.

4. Deadly Spells. I love the Prospero’s War series, and this one is bound to be the best one yet, if only because Wells rhymes with Spells. Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells! How can you not love that?

5. The Gift of Power by Tamora Pierce. No cover yet, but I’m including this one anyway, because COLLEGE NUMAIR. Numair was my first book boyfriend and I will read every blessed thing that Pierce writes about him.


image via NatAsplund

What are you looking forward to reading this year?


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