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Spinning off of Aileen Erin’s USA Today best-selling Alpha Girls series, this all new series follows Samantha Lopez—a demonologist, an exorcist, a girl who is searching for love and normal in the chaos that is her life. In steps Phoenix, a mortal guy with a calming depth that grounds Samantha to this realm as they join the war against demons, Hell, and Sam’s father.

Haven't read the Alpha Girls series? Don't worry! Fans of the Alpha Girls series will love this new series set in the same world, with a few familiar faces, but you DO NOT have to have read a single word of the Alpha Girls series to enjoy Samantha's story.

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The USA Today Bestselling series from Aileen Erin. The Alpha Girls series follows Tessa McCaide as she goes from being a semi-ordinary girl with visions to an Alpha werewolf. With her True Mate, Dastien Laurent, by her side, Tessa knows she can face whatever big bads life throws at her.

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A stellar slow-burn romance set in a complex Sci-Fi world by USA Today Bestselling author Aileen Erin.

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