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A few obsessions of mine + a TBT!

Hey everyone! Soooo, after a rocky start to the year, I’m focusing on positive things. A few, shall we say, obsessions? Sometimes life is hard, but hey—a girl has to do what she can to get through the storm. Here are some things that I’ve been happy about/obsessing over for the past week.

1. To combat grief—and to lose some weight—I got a Fitbit Charge HR. Y’all. I’m seriously obsessed with the damned thing. For reals. Being a full-time writer is very sedentary. The past two years I’ve put on few (cough, cough ::way too many:::) pounds. But this year, I’m going to get my butt in shape. Well, hopefully not just my butt, but you know…the whole picture. The Fitbit is really helping. It gives me a read out on how my heart rate, steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, calories burned, aaaaaand logs my sleep. Wowzers! It’s like the future up in here.


As an added bonus, it lights up, vibrates, and does a little show to cheer you on when you hit your steps goal for the day. I’m addicted to reaching the goal. If I haven’t hit it, I’ve been known to walk around the bedroom at night until I hit it. Yup. This love affair is gettin’ serious y’all.

2. I feel like I might have mentioned this before, but I’m also addicted to mâche rosettes. For reals. It’s like a thing.


I hate grocery shopping, so I’m using Instacart these days. And every time, without fail, they call and ask—did you mean to get four boxes of the mâche? I’m like YES. BUY EVERYTHING THEY HAVE!!!! Okay, so it might be silly to be blogging about lettuce, but it’s just so yummy. I put a tiny bit of vinagrette on it and that’s all it needs. If you come across this lovely green in your grocery store, give it a shot. You might be surprised and become addicted just like me.

3. J sometimes takes little nerd breaks during work. The other day he went to a comic book store and brought me home a surprise. I loves me a surprise! 🙂


It might be helpful to note that a few years ago, after attending our first Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market, I traded out our lame-o plain glasses for ones like these. Old Pizza Hut Care Bears glasses FTW! We have a variety of Star Wars glasses (As always, prequels don’t count. Ever. Plus, we’re talking vintage here!), some Goonies, Care Bears, Peanuts… I love ‘em all, and collecting them is one of my obessions. But Return of the Jedi is my favorite of the Star Wars movies, (I know, I know! You like Empire. I get it! But the romance between Leia and Han really comes together in Jedi. I live for the “He’s my brother.” moment. Also, ewoks. I mean EWOKS!) and I have NEVER been able to find any of the Jedi glasses. He brought me home TWO. And EWOKS!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

He really does know the way to my heart. With vintage nerd glasses. Best husband ever. <3

4. Related to number 1, I’m hitting the elliptical hard. While I’m on it, I watch Netflix. Dude. I would stay on there to watch two episodes of Arrow. Another new obsession!!! SO GOOD. I don’t want to spoil anything, but how awesome is Felicity?!!! LOVE HER!

(Didn’t make that! And don’t watch if you don’t want any spoilers…although it doesn’t spoil much except how AWESOME Felicity Smoak is!!!!)

I texted my friend at odd hours as I binged. I’m sure he was a little annoyed with me by the end of it, but now, I’m all caught up. So, I’m facing a serious dilemma now. It’s kind of turning into a thing. WHAT DO I WATCH NEXT?! I need something to keep me going on that elliptical. Taking suggestions! Something kick-ass like Arrow! What other awesomeness am I missing out on y’all?

5. My office is almost totally done. Except for my whiteboards, which should be showing up today. And what’s showcased on my shelves? My massive pen obsession.


In each blue mason jar (previously used at my wedding) are my pens. It’s bad, y’all. I’ve got to stop buying them. But I looooove when they have lots of colors and they’re super duper thin (think 0.3). I’m going to have to find a new obsession… Like maybe notebooks? Wait…


I guess I have that covered, too. O.o

6. One of the things J wanted when we moved into our new house was for it to be wired for sound. Thankfully, my brother is an audio engineer and got us stuff at a wicked discount. He hooked everything up last weekend, and gave each room its own Sonos amp. Y’all. There are no workers here. I’m alone as I write this. And this place is bumping like the hottest new nightclub.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.36.20 PM

It’s kind of amazing. Also, a little silly. But hey, the speakers are there, so I’m using the shit out of them. Yesterday I had some rugs delivered, and the guys looked at me a little weird because they had to pound on the door for me to answer. (My office is right next to the front door.) Whoops! :::turns up the volume and starts dancing::: Every step counts to my daily goal! It’s for my health. Yup. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

7.  I’ll end this post with a TBT. My mom just sent me some photos and I had to laugh. So, now I’ll share.

2000 Awty Graduation_0001 copy

My senior year—Awty Class of 2000 FTW—I had purple streaks in my hair, but my mom didn’t want me to go to graduation with purple hair. Soooo, I have weird blonde hair. O.o

2000 Awty Graduation_Me and dad

This is me and my dad. He’s super funny and really sweet, when he wants to be. 😉

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and a super awesome weekend!

Xoxo Aileen


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