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Deadline crushed! Huzzah!

Holy shit, y’all. I’m all caught up on work. HUZZAH!!!!!!

1. So last Friday I missed my deadline. It felt kind of like this:


But then on Monday, I turned everything in to my lovely editors. And it felt kind of like this:

Y’all, I’m all caught up, and now I just have to stay on top of things. It’s a huge relief. It’s the first time in like…six-ish months…where I can honestly say I’m not behind. That doesn’t mean I’m not busy or don’t have a ton of work to do, but it’s now manageable and I’m not behind schedule. I’m feeling pretty freaking accomplished.

2. I just took a one of those quizzes. (Yes, I’m addicted to them!) This one was titled “Which Strong Female Character are you?” This is my result:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.38.51 AM


Usually I take them and only share the results with J, but this was a freaking awesome! Feel free to share your results in the comments below! 🙂

3. Now that I’m done with Avoiding Alpha, what am I working on? Cipher! I have some revisions that I’m working on that I think are going to take it up a huge notch. I’m super excited right now. Currently my desk is filled with notes and note cards and doodles…it’s a little nuts. But a good kind of nuts. It’s awesome to be excited about what you’re working on.

4. I read about this new app (Spritz) that will get you to read a novel in 90min. It’s a speed reading thingy. Check it out here.

I found this demo online, but Spritz hasn’t made their little button shareable…

J and I are a little torn. I think it’s awesome. I’m a very fast reader. (It takes me 2-3hrs to read a book.) So this seems great. But J brought up the point that when he reads, he likes to hear the voice in his head, and with this program, he doesn’t hear that. It turns robotic. I tend to agree with him. I’d like to read things faster. I mean, yay! More books! But ditto to robotic voice.

What do you think?

5. Back to the topic of, I just saw this article “21 Words That Have Totally Different Meanings When You Move to LA.” It’s so true. LA is kind of a ridiculous place, but I also kind of dig it. I moved there in 2006, and it’s become home.

As much as I’m loving living in London, I’m ready to be back home. I’m not saying that I’m not digging London or that I don’t plan on getting as much out of being here as I can for the next 6 months. Because I totally do! And will! It’s not that I’m homesick exactly—home is wherever J is—but I’m really looking forward to going back in August.

That said, we no longer have an actual home in LA… We sold our house just before we moved here. (And our cars…) So, it’s going to be a bit like starting over in August. #9 on this list is something that J and I have been thinking about a lot lately. Stay on the westside? Santa Monica? Brentwood? Head to the valley? Studio City? Go for something more central? Los Feliz? Too many choices! Yipes!

August is going to be a bit of a scramble. My plan is to get AG #3 done and AG#4 started before then. As well as finish up the last bits of Cipher… That’s a lot of writing for one girl, but I’m gonna make it… Gooonna make it… Goooooonna make iiiit… 😉

Back to writing! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!



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