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DuckDuckGo is the BEST Search Engine for Readers & Writers

I’ve been playing around with new search engines, and after a few disappointing trials, I discovered that DuckDuckGo is the best possible search engine for authors, readers, and writers.

We are pretty much searching for books 24/7 at Ink Monster, whether we’re checking prices or summaries, or just looking for something new to read : ) This means tons of searches on all the book retailer pages. I feel like I’m searching for the same books over and over and over again, and with my decrepit laptop, that is both slow and frustrating going.

If I want to see Aileen’s books on Kindle, I Google “amazon aileen erin” to get a boring page of this:

Searching for Aileen Erin on Google

But if I search using DuckDuckGo, I get:

Searching for Aileen Erin with DuckDuckGo

A scrolling carousel of books at the top of the results?!

And it gets better. DuckDuckGo uses shortcut codes called bangs. The bang for Amazon is !a, so if I search “!a aileen erin” I bypass the search engine interface and go straight to the Amazon search results, which are exactly what I wanted to see:

Easily searching Amazon with DuckDuckGo bangs

This is SO SO SO convenient! And there are bangs for every book site you could possibly want.

The most important DuckDuckGo bangs for readers and writers are:

  1. !a – Amazon

  2. !bn – Barnes & Noble

  3. !itunes – iBooks

  4. !kobo – Kobo

  5. !gb – Google Books

  6. !gr – Goodreads

So instead of going to Goodreads to look up my books, I can use “!gr lola dodge” and go straight to this magic:

Searching for Lola Dodge on Goodreads with DuckDuckGo

It is a wonderful thing.

I basically can’t recommend DuckDuckGo enough and I hope you’ll start using it as your default search engine because it makes browsing for books SO. MUCH. EASIER. #cometotheduckside

Also, not a sponsored post ; ) I just love to share things I love.

Happy reading!

<3 Lola



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