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Friday! :)

So, I’m still on a deadline…I’m only having about 1.5 panic attacks/hour, no big deal. Nothing to see here… O.o Gonna keep it short and sweet.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy. Y’all, J has been working on this one for a while, and I’m so excited there’s a trailer out for it! IT LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME!

2. I just saw the cover for CIPHER (the first book in the Shadow Ravens series out 5/13/14), and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. Can’t wait to do a reveal! It’s kind of perfect. That’s one of the things I’m working on now—the final revisions. (Also, the final revisions for AVOIDING ALPHA, also out 5/13/14.) I love writing, and I love what I’m writing right now—which is key. Hopefully so will y’all! 🙂

3. I’m back on the poison.


I’ve been off of DC for a while now—I’m an addict. But I have a ton of work to do in not a lot of time, so I’m back on the DC-sauce. Once the deadline is done, I’ll be off of it. Because it’s kind of poison. But it’s also amazing.

4. It’s freaking FRIDAY!!! I know, I know. I’m doing this post, so I should know it’s Friday…but I’m especially excited about THIS Friday. J hasn’t had a weekend off since the holidays. He’s been traveling a bunch, too. But this weekend, he’s all mine. I’ve been kind of bouncing off the walls all day, so freaking excited for him to come home. He’s leaving the office in 60min. Can you tell I’ve been counting down? (Pardon me for any nausea I’m causing.)

5. Finding zen is key in times of high stress. It can be hard. (Did I mention the panic attacks?) Luckily my critique partner is super freaking awesome. She sent me this:


It’s my new mantra.


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