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Holy moly! I’m blogging?

Am I actually blogging on a Friday? Why yes… Yes, I am.

1. Catching up! So since May 1st, I’ve had solid guests. SOLID GUESTS. I had a blast and was so happy to see each and every one of them, but whoa. This introvert is pooped. It’s not helping that I’ve got to finish, Finish, FINISH two books by Sept. Aaaaand I’m moving home to LA in 7 days from London. Yikes! So much to do. So little time. This is kind of how I feel:

Between panic attacks and heart palpitations, I’m doing really well. Super excited to be moving home. Like so excited that I might be hopping and dancing and skipping around my apartment. Shooting on J’s movie is nearly done, and then it’s home sweet home! Yay!

2. Not that I’m biased or anything, but go see this movie. It’s awesome.

We went to the London premiere and had a blast. I laughed so hard. We’re going tomorrow night to see it with a real audience, and I can’t wait. Drax made me bust a gut. So freaking funny! And Rocket…love him!

3. Since I’m in extreme writing mode, I’ve been listening to a lot of music. Y’all, I’m obsessed with Deadmau5’s “My Pet Coelacanth.” (Explicit!)

Yes. I’m dancing around my apartment screaming my favorite word along with him. There’s just something about the gritty beats and the emotion with which he says the word. It’s such a good one. Starting with that lovely fricative and quickly ending with that nice stop. I might be obsessed with the word. Just a wee bit. But the song is amazing, too.

If you’re stressed, give it a shot! Dance around and scream “FUCK!” with him. Then, deep breaths with the slow bit in the middle. I swear, it’s helping me get through these deadlines and packing and moving and…

4. Another song that I’m obsessed with these days is much more melodic and beautiful. Matt Lang’s “We Transcend” is amazing and has hints of Ludivico Einaudi’s “Fly”–which I love! Einaudi is an Italian pianist, and if you haven’t listened to hist stuff, do! Now! Check out “Divenire” off the album with the same name. Amazing:

Anyhow, Matt Lange, a deep house producer/dj, remixed one of his songs—“Fly”—for his guest mix on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast, Episode 085. Really freaking awesome and beautiful and perfect. If you hated the Deadmau5 song, don’t worry, this is totally different. J hated Deadmau5, but he liked this Matt Lange remix of Einaudi. Worth a listen:

UPDATE-Sat, 8/2: Just listened to last night’s Group Therapy podcast. The Record of the Week was Parker & Hanson’s “Gravity” which is another beautiful song that mixes in a lot of Einaudi’s “Fly.” Check it:

5. I know I mentioned it above, but I’m super stoked about moving home. We leave next Friday! I’ve had a lovely time in Richmond/London. Even through the rain, it’s a lovely country. And damn it, did it have to be so pretty here the past two weeks? So sunny and lovely. I’ve felt so relaxed and gotten so much work done.

That said, I miss LA. I miss my family. I miss getting to pop over to my sister’s house for lunch and veg on the couch with her. I miss getting hugs from my little bro. I miss laughing with them, getting jokes only us O’Conors get. I miss cuddles from my niece and nephew. I miss my friends. I’m so blessed to have such fantastic ones. Really, truly amazing, caring, talented friends. I cherish all of them. And when J is working 95-100hrs a week (No, I’m not exaggerating!), and I get lonely, I know I can call any one of them, and they’ll be there for me. That’s something that I haven’t had here. I don’t know that my friends and family know how much I rely on them to get me through these movies that J does. But I do. So, it’s been hard—good but hard—here in London. So far away from my family, my friends, my support system.

Added to that we have a new house waiting for us. We closed July 15th. So it’s just there, waiting. And I can’t wait to move in and settle into my new office.

So, even if I did have a lovely time here, and we’ll probably be back for the next one in 18months, I’m ready to leave. Ready for home.

Seven days. Can’t wait.


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