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I’m baaaa-aaack!

I’m baaa-aaaack. And my blog has moved from Friday to Thursday! Why? Because the lovely Lola Dodge is taking my Friday slot! Be sure to check her feed out!

1. Both Alpha Divided and Cipher are out!

Cipher and Alpha Divided

Thank you for everyone who has bought the book(s)! And double thank you to everyone who has reviewed it! You’re all amazing! 🙂

2. What am I doing now? Well, in August, I moved from London (where I’d been living for 11 months) back to LA. I was in the middle of finishing both books, and was a hot mess for a good three months. After I turned them in, at the last possible moment, I was totally fried. Also, I needed furniture. We’d been basically camping out for two months in our new home. Whoops! So, I’ve been equal parts vegging while letting the creative well fill back up aaaaand shopping for furniture. If you know me, you know that I hate—HATES—to shop! Like bigtime. But it needs to get done. (I need a dining table, for Pete’s sake!) Slowly but surely, it’ll get done.

Today was the first day that I’ve felt some semblance of sanity returning. (Just in time for a blog! Woot!) And I’ve begun fleshing out the Bruja plot. What’s Bruja? That’s the next book in the Alpha Girl series. I’m focusing on Claudia and following her on her journey to Peru. It should be interesting! I’m excited to explore her a bit more. Also, I love Peru! Anytime I can bring in something I absolutely love into my writing, I do!

3. Have y’all see the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer? Because it’s awesome!!! Gave me chills! SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!! :::DIES:::

4. It’s Halloween time, y’all! I’m so glad to be back in the good ole US of A for it! I still don’t get why the British don’t celebrate it. Candy? Scary movies? Awesome decorations? Yes, please! I usually go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, but the night we were supposed to go, it was sold out. Bummer! So, we went to the Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park (which is like 5 min from my new casita) instead.


Dude. Seriously. If you are in or around LA, totally go! It’s super fun! Not as big as HHN, but still fun! The actual hayride was my favorite part. They had one maze, which was solid, and then a couple other things which were very meh. But one part of the hayride was AMAZING! Like seriously. Even the super annoying two teen girls who kept taking pictures and using their cell’s flashlight (WHICH WAS STRICTLY VERBOTEN) couldn’t ruin my good time!

5. Our distributor, INscribe Digital, does a weekly countdown of their Top 10 Titles for the week! This week my books are #7 (Becoming Alpha), #6 (Avoiding Alpha), #4 (Cipher), and #1 for Alpha Divided!

Thank you x 1,000,000 to all the readers! You guys are awesome!!!

Now I’m off to go celebrate! Because I’m still procrastinating a wee bit… Gotta get that creative well to fill up somehow! Why not try ice cream? 😉


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