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Just Another Manic Monday

To be fair, the days of the week mean nothing to me–I just work and take breaks at my leisure–but since Monday is my blog day, I try to make it the start of my week like a normal human being.

Still, my weeks are busy, and I’m packing them with all kinds of important things like Taiwanese dramas and rain dances.

1. Mandarin

My biggest news is that I’m finally sucking it up and putting actual effort into studying Mandarin. I should probably be learning Thai while I’m in Thailand, but my lack of Chinese is like a big black hole in my conscience that I have to patch. While I can already say such important phrases as ‘Wǒ yào tángguǒ’ (I want candy), I’m really upping the stakes. So far I’ve learned how to say ‘Wǒ xū yāo mǎi miànbāo’ (I need to buy bread) and ‘wǒ xǐhuān dúshū’ (I like reading). I’m like one step away from being a professional translator!

Night Market Taiwan

Must learn Chinese so I actually know what I’m eating at the night market.

2. Bromance

To practice my budding Mando-skills, I’ve been watching Taiwanese dramas. After my years in Taiwan, Taiwanese-accented Chinese sounds the most comfortable and it’s doubly cool that most of the shows are set in Taipei. I’m always trying to recognize the streets and shops and I can mostly pick out the districts where they filmed. Fun! Right now I’m deeply involved in ‘Bromance’, which combines gender bending and the mafia–my favorite tropes ever. You should definitely watch it.

3. Rainy Season

It’s finally, finally, FINALLY rainy season in Thailand. The high today is a chilly 89 degrees and the air is made of oxygen instead of the smoky microparticles that were slowly destroying my body and spirit.

Doing the water dance!

4. Winding down

I’m on my last few months in Thailand and looking forward to going back to America…at least for a little while ; ) I’m slowly winding down and making sure I get to see (and eat) everything I want before I’m stateside again. AAAAND only a few more weeks until I get my braces off. Then I’ll get legit author photos taken and eat buckets of popcorn, apples, and corn on the cob. Can. Not. Wait.


Two more months of tin grin Lola!

5. Quantastic

I’m slowly finishing up Quanta Reset and I need to get it in gear because September is coming SOON. Stay tuned for blog tour info. In the meantime…

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