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Keeping calm and writing on!

Hi, y’all! The past few weeks have been all about making my deadline. I’ve only got a couple more weeks to go, but I’m chugging along. Super stoked with how this book is turning out. 🙂 So, now for some things from this week.

1. Jamberry is the bomb. Nope, I’m not a sales person for them, but I’m addicted. I’m love it when my nails look pretty, but I have troublesome nails. A mani with polish lasts like 24hrs on me. A gel mani lasts maybe 5 days. Jams last over a week on me, but after a week, I usually end up changing them out for a new fun pattern. It’s become my Friday afternoon ritual. My faves are the mixed manis. Take a peek at  this week’s mani:


2. I’m addicted to Jane the VirginSeriously. It’s like a thing. J and I watched the first episode on Monday, and last night we watched #6 & 7. And I begged to stay up late to watch #8, but alas, we had the trainer coming to kick our asses at 6:45AM… Being an adult is hard. Anyhow, back to Jane–OMG! It’s HILARIOUS! Like for real, LOL funny. And maybe it’s because I’m Latin and I’ve seen telenovelas, and they really lean into the whole telenovela thing–but it’s awesome. I’m for reals obessessed. If you haven’t watched it, check it out:

3. The other day, I read this article: Science F*cking Confirms It: 11 Reasons Cursing Is Good For The Soul and I totally slow clapped. I have a bad potty mouth. I tone it down around strangers and small children, but if you really know me, you know I have a love for the f-bomb. It’s a thing. And I really hate the argument that it makes you sound stupid, because I think that’s totally wrong. Sometimes there really is no other word to mean F*ck. That’s the right word. So when I got to “3. It actually doesn’t mean you’re stupid or ignorant” I was like:

I’m highly educated (I have an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction), and I can use the f-word in just about any part of speech. That’s called creativity IMHO, not stupidity. And the article backed me up on this: ““F*ck” is probably the only word that can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and interjection and still making f*cking sense.” TRUTH! And it’s not just the f-bomb that I love, it’s a wide variety. That’s why I have things like this to help me come up with new and fun combinations:


Gotta keep it fresh. 😉

4. The other day, I found this store on Etsy, and bought all the things! I need more pens like a hole in the head, but I couldn’t resist! Everything came yesterday! Check it out:


Eeeeee! Love!!!

4. This weekend is going to be super chill, and I’m so ready for it.  Tonight we’re going to a screening of Ferris Bueller. There will be food trucks with yummy noms, and then we’ll be watching the movie under the stars with friends. Tomorrow is a day of just vegging. For the first time in a while, we won’t have a house guest! (My mom has been staying with us for the past couple of weeks while she’s been studying to take the California Bar Exam. She’s currently practicing in Texas, but wants to move here to be closer to her kiddos.) Huzzah! I’m thinking movie and a pizza night on the couch, aka my kind of heaven. And Sunday might involve Disneyland… Space Mountain, here I come!

What are you up to this weekend?

Hope you have a good one!





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