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Oh, Friday. I <3 you!

1. I visited Hampton Court Palace yesterday. Dude. It was awesome.


That’s me in front of the palace. Excuse the hair. Wind + Curls = Disaster!

The gardens were my favorite part. So beautiful!



2. Wednesday night I had a friend over so that I could blow her mind with British TV. We watched Embarrassing Bodies, Nightclub Toilet, Geordie Shore, and a few panel shows. I think I may have scarred her for life. I mean…Embarrassing Bodies alone will do it, but add in all the rest and that’s a recipe for permanent mental damage. Hopefully, she’ll forgive the damage, but at least I’m not alone in my witnessing of the horrors that abound the telly abroad.

Embarrassing Bodies is still the worst show. It’s like a train wreck. Once you start watching, you just can’t stop.

3. This week, LH and I went on a quest for notecards. You know what that means. Yup. I’m plotting. I’m finishing up the second Alpha Girl book and I always like to pause before I finish to make sure I’m on the right path. I re-plot the book, and make sure everything has been lined up properly. It might be unnecessary, but at least if I do it then, I’ll know before I finish whether or not I’ve taken a bad turn. Survey is still out as I’m in middle of note card fueled madness. Fingers crossed!

4. Blue skies are amazeballs. No joke.


The beautiful blue sky outside of Hampton Court Palace.

After nearly two weeks of gloom and rain, we’ve had three days of blue skies. Loving it! It’s totally distracting because I have a ton of work to do, but all I want to do is go outside. For now, I will stare out my dining room windows as I write away.

Also, the partly cloudy skies make for amazing sunsets.


Taken from my front door. 🙂

5. I’ve been slacking on the gym since I’ve been sick. It’s been 2 weeks..Eeeek! Does anyone else have a hard time getting back on the workout train once the streak has been broken? Because I definitely have a tough time. Even though tomorrow is Saturday, I’m going to put on my big girl panties and hit the gym. No matter what. I’m all better now, and I’ve gotta just get back to it or I never will. So, my alarm will be set (even if it’s for a little later than my weekday time) and I will get my butt to the gym. No excuses! Hold me accountable, people!



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