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Slack Attack

So I’ve been a huge slacker on the blog and I have no good excuses… Although I have plenty of flimsy ones if those are okay.

First, April was crazy hectic prepping for Bruja, which is finally out TOMORROW! I can’t believe how quickly release day rolls around. Aileen is a rockstar for writing such an amazing story in the middle of all kinds of personal chaos. So proud and excited for you all to read her latest!!

Cookie Run

Third, everyone has seen Age of Ultron by now, right?? I clearly went to see it opening weekend, and loved so much about the story. It was interesting seeing it in Thailand, where the movie-going experience is a bit different than home. Movie theater chains in Asia often do assigned seating, so I was the second person into the theater and ended up sitting smack next to the only other person there before the rest of the crowd filled in. It always feels like violating some kind of social contract, but it’s nice not to have to fight for a seat in the middle. Thai movie theaters also play the national anthem before a showing, and people bow to the image of the king. I just try to be respectful and not drop my popcorn everywhere while this is going on. The international shows also get different trailers before the movie, so I got this gem:

Going to have to check out the manga it’s based on.

Last, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into becoming a pastel goth. Am I too old for that? Do I care? Probably not. I can’t pull the look off in Thailand (because I only wear sweaty hobo clothes here) but it’s definitely on my to-do list once I’m back in the US. Just have to figure out how my super thin doll hair will feel about being dyed purple. Maybe I need a wig?? Either way, Google this stuff. The leggings are to die for.

Anatomy of a Pastel Goth

Image via Ayujochuu


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