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Tessa’s Playlist, Part Two

Hey there! Tessa again subbing in for Aileen while she’s on vacation. Girlfriend’s in Rome! I kind of hate her right now.

I’m following up last week’s more chill playlist with something a little more fast paced. The Nine Inch Nails stuff has some bad language, so if it’s gonna offend you, don’t listen to it! It’s the embarrassing one I mentioned when I first talked to Dastien.  (It’s last on the list.) What can I say? He’s hot and I was totally flustered. :::facepalm:::

Dastien helped me out with this week’s track selection. He added some new stuff that I hadn’t heard before, but am now really digging! Hope you like it, too! If not, blame him!

Just kidding! 😛

BTW: The first track is actually a full continuous mix of the latest BT album. Dastien downloaded it for me last week, and it’s the shit. For serious.

xoxo Tess


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