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Thoughts from my recovery bed…

Hey, everyone! Hope you all have had a good week so far! I’ve been in bed recovering from surgery all week, so I’m going a little stir crazy. Hopefully this blog will be coherent. But hey, painkillers… 😉

Anyhow, I’m going to jump right on into my update, because I just got some awesome news! 🙂

1. I had surgery on Monday to get rid of an ovarian cyst. They thought it was big (12cm) but turns out it was REALLY big (17cm). My mom is here helping me recover—bringing me ice for my stomach every hour and cooking me three squares a day. (Aren’t moms amazing?) I’m feeling pretty okay considering, but I just got news from my doctor. It’s not cancer!

Super stoked. Now I can breathe a little easier as I heal. And focus on getting Bruja done. 😉

2. I’m on a deadline, which usually means loads of diet coke…but ever since I was preggo and went 5months sans DC, I lost my taste for it. Shocking, I know. I was a 3-4 can a day girl. Hardcore. Try to take it away from me, and I’d cut you.

So what do I do now? I’ve found a love for Coffee Bean. While not 0 cals like a DC (120 cal for the version I get), it does the job. I’m not an everyday person, but once in a while, it helps. Especially when I’m feeling sleepy in the afternoon and am on a deadline.


This is my new love. NF NSA Ice Blended Mocha FTW! 🙂

3. Y’all. Deadlines suck. And I’m working hard. But sometimes you need a cheerleader. And someone to bounce ideas off of. And someone to tell you when your writing is awesome or stinks like doggy poopie. Each book I write has it’s own set of problems, but this one has been pacing. Which I usually don’t struggle with. I’m blaming my attention span while grieving—which is low. Oy vey. Anyhow, to combat this and stay on track, I’ve been Skyping with the lovely Lola Dodge.


People like to say that writing is a very solitary career. I agree with that, to an extent. But every writer needs at least one critique partner. You need them to plot with. To read and comment on your work. To keep you honest. It’s extremely important. So, in that sense, it’s not so solitary. I’m really lucky in that I have Lola. We got grouped together in grad school, and I really lucked out.

So, this is my thank you to Lola! You’re amazing! Thanks for all the early AM Skypes! <3

4. I know I just moved into this house in August, but I found a new house that I need to buy. I told J last night that if he loved me, he’d buy it. I mean, it’s a totally reasonable price at €7M!


J: It needs £42M in repairs! Me: So, it’s a fixer-uper. We love a good project. And people will come tour the house! I’m sure that will more than pay for the repairs.

J was not convinced, to say the least.

Is anyone here good at math? How many books do I need to sell to buy it?

Le sigh. I guess I will have to continue to live there only in my dreams. Maybe one day…

5. LA can be brutal when it comes to parking tickets, but usually my street is super lax. I’ve been ignoring the street cleaning signs for months. For reals. And never gotten a ticket. Well, my lucky streak ended yesterday.

Whoops. Do you think if I called them and said they’d never ticketed me before and I always park there that they’d get rid of the ticket?

Yeah, I don’t think so either. Guess I’m paying it.

6. Confession time. J and I went to see 50 Shades of Gray last weekend…

Um…So…We walked out 40min in. >.< Did any of you see it? Am I crazy or was it really awk and not sexy at all?

7. While I was in surgery, we got new wallpaper in our bathroom! I can see it from bed right now, and I love it. It makes me smile.


I grew up with white walls, so the idea of wallpaper was super scary when we moved into our house. It was in every bathroom, and I hated it. But our designer said to try picking out ones that we like. So, I did. And now I’m obsessed. How awesome is wallpaper?! SO AWESOME!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life… 😉

Okay. Time to ice my stomach again! Hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend! Xoxo A


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