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What? It’s Friday?

1. I totally thought today was Saturday. Like for reals. I got up, thinking it was Saturday. Started writing and everything, fully feeling like today was Saturday. It’s not, y’all. Today is totally Friday.


I only realized this when a friend checked in about our plans asking if we were still on for tomorrow. I was like, I thought that was tonight? I can’t do tomorrow! We had a little bit of a confusing back and forth before it clicked. I still didn’t fully believe it was Friday until I checked my phone, computer, google, and iCal. That’s how much I thought today was Saturday.

In other news, I’ve been writing a ton, and have clearly lost track of the real world. It’s Saturday in Tessa’s world. Whoops.

2. I’ve said before that I’m scared to read horror. I love horror movies, but I feel like I get over them quicker than I would a book. The written word is so much more immersive for me than film. But I have a bunch of friends that write horror and I’ve bought all of their books in support of them, but I’m too scared to read them. I want to get over this. So last night I found this blog post. It had a bunch of short creepy stories. I figured I would read them to ease my way into maybe some short stories, and then I’d be ready to dig into my friends’ novels.

Y’all, I read two short entries, one was barely a paragraph, and slept with lights on. Why I tried to do this when LH is out of town is beyond me. I really set myself up.


I may be sleeping with the lights on again today… Don’t judge!

3. I’m on a deadline with two different books, so I’ve set myself up with some rewards. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never finish the book. The road of the story can at times feel impossibly long. Especially when you hit the middle of a book.


Setting up a reward for when you reach the end can be really motivating. With one book, I’m going to buy these. So cute, right?! I know it’s kind of not the right season for them, but I kind of really want them! And by ‘kind of,’ I mean totally! With the other, I’m going to get a Tokidoki crossbody bag. I figure by this time in the next week or two, I’m going to be one pair of shoes and one super cute bag richer. Fingers crossed! I’m writing like the wind. And losing all touch with reality!

4. I have a song that I’m majorly loving right now. I can’t get enough of it. Seriously. Might not be your type of music, but I think it’s beautiful.

5. Is anyone else watching Homeland right now? Because I am and I’m dying for Sunday’s episode. I think we’re a couple behind the US, but man, that show is gooooood. It has me on the edge of my seat. What’s happening with Carrie?! And Saul?! What’s up with Dar? Is he good or bad? I can’t tell!

If you’re not watching this show, start. As soon as possible. Or right now. As in stop reading and head to Netflix or iTunes and get to watching!


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