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Writing in Singapore

Happy Monday, errybody! Checking in from Singapore this week. Have I mentioned that Singapore is my favorite? Because it’s my favorite. I’ve already spent serious hours stuffing myself in Little India and am spending today catching up around Clarke Quay.

You’d think I’m such a seasoned traveler I’ve got all this stuff locked down, but I made the rookiest of rookie mistakes and forgot to bring my plug adaptor for Singapore. So this is going to be a quick check-in because I have to get some writing done before my battery dies.

Today I’m writing at Coffemin, which is super cute and keeping me supplied with all the teh tarik I crave. It’s bright and quiet and I love watching all the traffic and people. I’m a big city girl at heart. And I’d move to Singapore permanently, but I’d spend all my money on high teas and champagne brunches…

But there are worse ways to go broke.

As is, I’m working on bankrupting myself through Kickstarter. I feel like I back things and the rewards are pushed out and out and out and out… But now they’re all rolling in at once and that’s great news for you guys.

Inkbox Tattoos Ixo

First, my Inkbox tattoos finally arrived! I got these awesome helix tattoos, and I’ll definitely be giving them away as prizes next time we have a Shadow Ravens giveaway. They’re all organic and last for two weeks. Aren’t they awesome? I just wish they came in Red!

Inkbox tattoos Ixo

And, my Bring Your Own Book game is on the way. It’s a board game where you read off prompts and have to find a passage in the book of your choise. Like open book Cards Against Humanity? It sounds fun, and I can’t wait to force everyone I know to play. If I make it to America for some cons this year, I’ll totally host an after-hours BYOB party. With both kinds of BYOB.

Bring Your Own Book

And last! I just backed Niche and you should too. I have a love/hate relationship with the games side of Kickstarter because the games always look awesome, but take FOREVER to finish getting developed. Ahem. Battle Chef Brigade. Anyway, genetics and cuteness are a few of my favorite things, so I had to jump on this one.

Battery is going, so that’s all for me. Have a great week wherever you are, and don’t forget your plugs like this space cadet!


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