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Yay Friday! ;)


Things have been busy here with writing and editing and life… Oh boy! Somehow, whenever I think I’ve got everything under control, life goes nutty. I think the lesson here is to just surrender control. Right? Ha!

1. In case you’re not on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Ink Monster is doing some great promos all month! Right now, Cipher and Becoming Alpha are FREE!


And the rest of my books are discounted! What the WHAT?! Aaaand, as if that weren’t enough, my fellow Ink Monster Lola Dodge has a book on sale, too! Buuuuut it’s just this month! So, don’t miss out!

2. Have you guys watched the new Shannara show on MTV? Check it out:

I watched the first two episodes, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked! The production value is amazing. They did a great job. Super excited to see Terry Brooks’ books brought to life! 🙂

3. Speaking of new TV shows based on books… Anyone check out the new Shadow Hunters show?

I watched it, and it’s not bad. Much better than the movie, I have to say! I’ll be sticking around for a while to see how it goes. Fingers crossed! 😉

4. I got a new coloring book this week.


I’m kind of obsessed. I’ve been working through Shattered Pack revisions, and sometimes finding the exact way to change a scene and make it better proves to be a little illusive. Coloring helps. My mind gets quieter and suddenly, in the middle of a picture, I realize what I need to do. Love it!

5. I’ve been a little down with all the loss of great talent this week. First Bowie and then Alan Rickman. Y’all, cancer sucks. It’s hit so many–family members, friends, those near and dear… It’s the worst. And although I never had the pleasure of knowing either Rickman or Bowie, I’m glad to have been able to experience their talents.

For now, I will say, make sure you hug your loved ones. Tell the people you love how you feel. Because you’ll never know what tomorrow may bring.

Now, I’m back to writing. I know some people may think writing and working from home means you can make your own schedules and goof around, but I guess those people also think deadlines don’t exist? O.o


Happy Friday, y’all!





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