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Avoiding Alpha–Only 99 Cents For A Limited Time!

I may be a little blue monster, but I still love me a big discount. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that our first-ever pricing promotion is now live for Avoiding Alpha!

Here are all the details in handy bulleted format:

  1. Yes, Avoiding Alpha is only 99 cents, now through February 23rd!

  2. It’s all part of the iBooks Bestselling Romance promotion

  3. You can check it out here on the iBooks web site

  4. Other retailers may be matching this price, but no guarantees on that

  5. P.S. Yeah, this means Avoiding Alpha was a bestseller at iBooks :::sniff sniff::: I remember when it was nothing but a twinkle in Aileen’s eye!

And in case a monstrous picture helps to drive the point home, I’m pasting one below:

AA 99c

A big-ass picture for a huge discount on Avoiding Alpha. Ohhhhh, yeah.  


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