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Top 5 Posts About Werewolves

It’s almost the one-year anniversary of the book birthday for Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin! To celebrate, I’m listing our top five werewolf posts of all time, ranked by page views. Huzzah!

Most-Popular Blog Post Number Five… My Favorite On-Screen Werewolves 

In a shocking move, Aileen’s favorite werewolves all seem to be man candy. Who’d a-thunk? Can you guess where this guy bares his pointy teeth?


Joe Manganiello says ‘I’m hot and fuck you.’ 

Now, we get into a list of badass chicks within the werewolf realm. Here’s one teaser cover from the compilation…


She uses that tire iron, too. 

Numbers three and two… Tessa’s Playlists, Part 1 and Part 2

In Becoming Alpha, the main character Tessa has distinctive taste in kickass tunes. In fact, there’s so much awesome music, the list went across two whole posts!


Look how cute he is. Say it with me, awwwww!

And Number One…The Tessa and Feli Interview!

In our number one most-popular were-post, Tessa gets interviewed by an awesome reader. Go Feli!

Four ryes cat

Check out Feli’s amazingness in blogitude here

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