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A quiet Friday…

After days–well, six weeks to be exact–of chaos in the house (construction workers, painters, wall paper people, electricians), I’m finally having a relatively quiet Friday, minus the nursery furniture delivery and the pest control guy who came to advise me about the carpet beetles we’ve found around the house… O.o But mostly, it’s been quiet, and I looooooove it. Introvert zen closing in.

1. I love the art of the thank you note. 


When I was a kiddo, I hated doing them, but my mom always made me sit down and write them. Now  I actually really like writing them. I like to make sure that the people in my life know that I appreciate them and everything they do for me. Every once in a while, I’ll even write one for my husband and place it on his pillow, just so he knows how much I appreciate everything he does for me.

I like sending them to friends and family. So that they know that I’m thankful for them. I hope that they enjoy them as much as I like writing them. But even if they don’t, at least I know they know how I feel about them. Life is short. You never know what could happen. So, I find it important to take any opportunity I can to tell them.

Most recently I did this with my baby shower thank you notes. My handwriting is a little funky these days due to swelling, but the sentiment is there. I thank them for the gifts, but I try to also let them know that more than gifts, I appreciate their friendship, love, and support.

And it’s not just for gifts. When someone does something kind, I send a note.

Anyhow, if you’re not one to do thank you notes, I highly recommend trying. It’s almost like having a gratitude journal, except that you share it. Which makes you focus on the positive, and then hopefully gives a little bit of sunshine into your loved ones’ lives, too.


2. I’m hooked on Gilmore Girls right now. I’ve been watching it as I eat lunch, and boy is it so awesome. I mean, who can’t relate to this:

Or this:

LOL! Boy, do I looooove Michel!

And then, there’s Paris:

She’s out of control. Cracks me up!

And it’s so romantical:

Okay. I’m stopping with the GG .gifs now! But all I have to say is that I’m super excited for the reunion show. Fingers crossed!

3. J and I finally saw Zootopia.

OMG. I cried like at least three times in the beginning scenes. So good. And I loved the message about not giving up and working hard. Plus, there were some hilarious jokes only adults would get in there, which I appreciated. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I’m stopping there. But if you haven’t seen it yet, I totally recommend.

4. I just saw this and dude, I totes agree with the winner.

SusieCakes has been my fave bakery in LA (and they’re expanding! Dallas store is opening soon!) since I first went to the original one like… 8 years ago? Their cupcakes are so moist and the frosting is so perfect! Love! They win for sure! Although I totally disagree that they’re not cute enough. They’re plenty cute! And way better than Sprinkles, which is totally dry…

5. This weekend we’re planning to be totally chill. It’s going to be in the mid-70’s, but the pool is heated and I’m fully planning to follow Homer Simpson’s example:

Yes. That will be me on the float. Except switch out the phone for my Kindle. My family is coming over on Sunday for dinner to celebrate my nephew’s 24th bday, which should also be awesome. It’s nuts and loud and awesome having them here. I seriously love my siblings, their spouses/partners/kiddos, cousin, and nephew. I’m so thankful that they live close by and I actually get to see them all the time. They’re just a phone call away. So, totally chill Saturday. A massage planned for Sunday AM. And then family time Sunday PM. Might not be super fancy or cool, but sounds like perfection to me.

Hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend!




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