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Awesomely Bad Werewolves

Hollywood has a long and proud tradition of producing terrible Sci-fi/fantasy movies. Amazing ones too, but for every treasure like Guardians of the Galaxy there’s a tragedy like Starship Troopers. And call me crazy, but I watch Starship Troopers every time it’s on cable. It’s just so awesomely bad I can’t look away.

Werewolves have had their own struggles in the movies and on TV. You don’t have to spend much time on IMDB to find the Bush-league makeup and hokey plots. Like the movie Werewolf? Rated 1.6 out of 10. Some serious ouch right there.

I bring this up because of the movie Wolves. Go ahead. I dare you to watch the trailer:

I’m no film student over here, but this is ridic. Literally Varsity Blues + Wolverine = Wolves. Now go ahead and skip the first twenty minutes of the movie (proceed directly to the delicious Jason Momoa bits) because you already know what happens. It’s just so awful that I can’t stop watching. Maybe it’s this intense voiceover action keeping my attention?

Thank goodness, the universe (and Canada) tosses out the occasional gem like Bitten based on an Ink Monster team fav, Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Mind you, the TV adaptation isn’t immune to hokey-ness, but it’s exactly the kind of hokey we love (CLAY + ELENA FOREV!).

Although not even Bitten can make up for nonsense like this.

Poor werewolves! We still love you, even when you’re a laughingstock.


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