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Farewell, Italy!

It’s Friday! I’ve been in Italy for a little over a week while my husband has been working, but now it’s time to say goodbye to the land of pizza and pasta. It’s been fun, but I’ll be hitting the treadmill hard come Monday. o.O It’s back to London for us.

But first, five things I’ve been thinking on this week.

1. This guy is totally right.

Y’all, live every day like it’s your last. Use every day wisely. You’ll never get today back. Don’t waste a second. It’s how I try to live my life. I didn’t always. But when I hit 25-26, I realized that I wasn’t using every day to its fullest. I don’t know why I realized that or how I came to that, but now, if I go to bed knowing that I didn’t give it my all, then I feel unsettled. I firmly believe that dreaming is a good thing to do, but in order to reach your dreams, you have to be ready to work for it.

So make each day count.

2. These are the cutest videos ever.

Okay, so maybe I like miniature things a little too much. Maybe I just never grew up. But I don’t care. These little film gems (There are three! I only put one here!) are SO FREAKING CUTE! Looooove them!

3. Holly Black has a hidden library and I’m lime green jelly! For the record, this is going on my list of things I want in my dream house. A hidden library with a fireplace and comfy chairs. Floor to ceiling books. And a good writing table. Throw in a minifridge and I’m a happy camper.

One day, this shall be mine. Just throwing that out there in hopes that it will one day be true. 😉

4. Y’all, this video had me SCREAMING in my hotel room. It’s very simple, in terms of film making and technique, but so effective.

5. Have you seen the TMNT trailer? I’m not sure what to think… My little brother had a love for them when we were kids, and I kind of joined him in that love. We had the card game, watched the cartoons and live action movies, and even had a pizza gun…picture a nerf gun only it shot out plastic pizzas. Because what do heroes on a halfshell want to eat? PIZZA! Usually with weird toppings on them. Still, I’m not sure about this one…

So, thoughts?


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