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Friday in Chiang Mai!

It’s Friday in Chiang Mai (although probably Saturday by the time this blog posts) and I’m sitting at a cutesy cafe sipping Thai tea. I recently had relapse of my wanderlust and ended up booking a flight to Thailand, so here I am, cafe hopping, writing, and slowly attempting to see some sights.

And also eating a megaton of curry, because Thailand.

Life has been a little chaotic these last few weeks, what with packing up my domestic address and planning for the move. Now I’m more or less settled and getting into a workflow.

On an average day, I get up, exercise a little, head out to find breakfast and tea, and then walk around until I find a cafe or coworking spot I want to park at for the day. I get my words done, hit dinner, write a little more if I’m up to it, and then fall asleep exhausted because I’m still feeling the jet lag.

Cafes are my favorite part of being here. There are SO MANY to choose from. I’m in town for three months, and I bet I could go to a different place every day without repeating.

And the curry. OMG, the curry. This is the Lola version of heaven.

Chiang Mai is like my little oasis of food and productivity. And I’m getting a lot done! Quanta is coming right along, and I’m reading work for our other Ink Monsters. I’m also trying to convince them to join me, but they have things like “jobs” and “husbands” and “obligations” that keep them from packing up and flying over. Laaaaaame.

Oh well. Maybe one of these days, I’ll convince someone to travel along with me. Until then, the solo scene is fine by me and I’m shaping up to get crazy word counts during these next weeks.

Hope you all are having a lovely Friday wherever you are in this big, beautiful world. If you ever feel the need to pack up and hit the road, call me! We’ll meet up in Bangkok for drinks and a crazy spa day.


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