Friday! One week to deadline…eeep!

Still on that deadline…EEEP…But I’m blogging, so that’s good, right? Right? My brain might be mush after this one. Only three instead of five today.

I mentioned the whole deadline thing…right? O.o

1. Have y’all seen the alt ending for the new 22 Jump Street trailer? It makes me laugh so hard.

“My name is Jeff.” <—OMFG!!! Channing Tatum FTW!

2. I’ve always been a Lego fan. There’s so much you can do with them, and I love putting things together. So fun! And the little Lego people are mega cute. But this photographer really took it a step further. I mean how cute is this?

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.45.53 AM

3. I took a personality quiz the other day. There’s no reason for me to take one. I know my personality. I’m an INFJ. I took my first Myers-Briggs test in college and got INFJ, and no matter how I grow as a person, it’s never changed. It seems like it’s not going to and I kind of love that, but I can’t seem to help myself when I see people taking them and posting results on Facebook.  (There is no procrastination going on over here. Not with this deadline. Not even a little bit…)

So, INFJ’s are the most rare personality. Think less than 1% of the population. We have a “unique combo” of traits, which I’m pretty sure is a nice way of saying that we’re totes cray-cray. Or, at the very least, we’re a bunch of odd ducks. A real lesson in contradictions. 😉

But this particular test had a section called “INFJ’s Relationships and Dating” at the end that really amused me. It said: “INFJ relationships often reach the level of depth that most people could only dream of…A relationship with an INFJ is a connection that simply cannot be described in everyday terms.”

I showed that to J and he laughed. I was like, “Hey, I’m the stuff of DREAMS, buddy.” J laughed harder: Or nightmares! My very mature response (said lovingly): Eat a dick, douchebag.

Clearly, we have a very healthy relationship. One others can only dream of and cannot be described in everyday terms. People need special words to describe a relationship with me. LOL!!!!

Okay. That’s enough of a break for me. Back to finishing the last rounds of revisions for Cipher and Avoiding Alpha.

Side note: Whoever thought doing two books at once was nuts! …Wait a second…


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