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Friday! That means it’s holiday time! :)

1. Winter hiatus (that’s vacation for Hollywood types) starts today for LH.


This is big news. He hasn’t taken a day off all year and has worked through a lot—I mean A LOT—of weekends. I’m on the edge of my seat today, waiting for him to come home. Okay. So maybe this is TMI and a little barf-inducing, but I can’t wait to have the next two weeks with him. So freaking excited I can’t stand it. Yay Christmas! Yay New Years!

2. Our amazing, super awesome friends are coming to London on Monday for a week! And I feel like doing this:


I can’t wait! They’re the couple that introduced me and LH, and have been our best friends for a long time aaaaand we haven’t seen them in over a year. A YEAR! That’s way too long! Even if they are always near in my heart, it’ll be so lovely to have them literally near for a week. I may have been counting down the days…ONLY THREE MORE SLEEPS TO GO!

3. For New Years, LH and I randomly decided to go to Rome.


We’re only in London for a year, and before we moved here, I’d only been to London twice, and never been anywhere else in Europe. Last month we went to Paris. It was awesome! 🙂 I hear Rome is much better in the summer, but we’ve got this time now and the land of gelato and pasta awaits! We haven’t really planned much beyond tickets and hotel, but I bought an Italian phrase book and a couple of guidebooks. Hey, it’s much closer to Spanish than French was, and I did okay there. Fingers crossed!

4. Since I’m going to be on vacay, the next two Fridays, Tessa is taking over my Friday blog! What?! She wanted to share some of her favorite music with y’all, so I figured, why not? Let the girl have some fun. 😉

5. Releasing a book is madness, I tell you. MADNESS. I was so excited and stressed and nervous and slightly barfy. But it’s been going so well. Huzzah! Did you see us on the spotlight iTunes Sci-Fi & Fantasy page? Holy moly! I couldn’t believe it! So thankful for everyone who has bought the book so far. I hope all of you are enjoying it! And for those of you who haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for?! It’s on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Check it out. And if you feel super nice, drop a review on and of those sites, and I’ll your best friend! 🙂



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