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Happy Black Friday!


1. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, and Happy Black Friday! It’s weird being in the UK for Thanksgiving. It’s such a big American holiday, but I was never really all about it. Still, it’s a time when families get together, and for people who get along with their families, that’s not such a bad thing. I get along with mine, and even though I’m not a big Thanksgiving lover, I definitely am missing them. That said, we’re doing our Thanksgiving on Sunday. We’ve invited all the Americans from my husband’s work over. It’s going to be kind of production. All of the tables and chairs that we rented for it (not to mention plates and glasses and linens) were dropped off today. Hopefully, we’ll get through the weekend in one piece. Only bad thing is: I’m making the turkey.

Important note: I’ve never made a turkey before.

I’ve got a recipe. How hard can it be?


2. Along the Thanksgiving theme, I’m just going to leave this here:


3. And along the Black Friday theme, are y’all doing the whole Black Friday thing? I’m not. I find the whole thing a little nuts. I guess I don’t like shopping in general. Add in all that craziness, and I’m like—whoa. No way! I seem to remember someone getting trampled at a Best Buy last year. That’s nuts! No TV, I don’t care how big, is worth the risk of getting trampled.

If you’re braving the madness today, stay safe! And good luck! Hope you find some kick ass deals.


4. In other news, after weeks of going back and for with LH over what we’re going to do for NYE, we finally agreed. Huzzah! The Latchams are going to Rome. Pizza! Pasta! And gelato! Oh, my!  LH was being really sweet and trying to find some sort of event to go to in Rome on New Years, but most of the events are minimal techno. Italy, really? Minimal techno? No house or trance? Le sigh. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to have extra gelato!

5. I really want to see Catching Fire this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s going to happen because of the whole having 18 people over on Sunday, but still, would be awesome to see it. There’s only one review I saw for the film, and I think it’s really all I need to know. I’m going to just leave this here as well:


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