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Happy Friday (the Thirteenth!)

Happy Friday the 13th! As soon as I left my building this morning, I bumped into a black cat, but it didn’t cross my path so I think I’m going to be okay.

In other news, I don’t have a cool topic to write about today, so I’m going to do what I always do when I’m stuck and just copy what Aileen is doing. It always works! Hope you all have a fabulous (and back luck free) day : )

1. It’s Burning Season in Chiang Mai. I posted on my Lola blog if you care about the nitty gritty, but basically all the farmers are burning their fields to prep for next year’s harvest. This causes smoke, chaos, and yuck. It’s been okay so far (moderate air quality) but it’s going to get worse. I may end up walking around in one of those post-apocalyptic breathing masks. Right now, my larger concern is the NOISE POLLUTION/3 a.m. karaoke. And I live WAY too close to the airport. Jets in and out allllllll day long.

Air Quality reading early burning season in Chiang Mai

2. Anchan Vegetarian. I’ve been veggie for more than half my life now, but I don’t harp about it much. I’m all for you eating what you want and me eating what I want. But I have to gush. Imagine you spend 15 years going to restaurants where you can have the garden salad or the spaghetti marinara…then you go to a vegetarian restaurant where you can eat EVERYTHING ON THE MENU. It’s so overwhelming and fantabulous. Anchan is this little place in downtown Chiang Mai that makes all my dreams come true. The menu changes weekly based on what’s good at the local market (thwarting my attempts to taste everything) and if you love curry, then this is exactly what curry is supposed to be, whether you’re a vegan or a glutton for rare steaks. HEAVEN!

Curry at Anchan Vegetarian in Chiang Mai

And on that note, I have to pimp my Instagram if you want to see more Thai food. I’m a shameless snapper of food pics.

3. I got my teeth cleaned. This may seem like a non-event for the rest of you, but it was a big deal for me. I’ve been traveling around so much that I just get cleanings when I can, and I haven’t had a regular dentist since circa 2008. Here is the true beauty of Thailand: I walked in to the office, got a same-day appointment, it took maybe 20 minutes, and cost me US$24 out of pocket. Sparkle, sparkle!


4. I discovered that there’s a Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan, for the uninitiated) attraction at Universal Japan. I’m going to go ahead and start waving my otaku card around right now, because OMG. I have to go to Japan. Like it’s not even a question now. I must go take titan pictures before zipping off to the Ghibli museum. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please do yourself a favor and rock on over to the anime side of Netflix. You need some Levi Ackerman in your life. I know it looks weird. It’s gory and weird and amazing. Just trust me!

Photo via yzgeneration

5. I am reading BOTH Bruja and Maxon and you should all be super jealous. There is so much werewolfish/demony amazingness on the horizon. I won’t spoil anything, but you’re going to love reading what comes next for Claudia and Mr. Thrax Prince. Hope you’ve got your pre-orders locked in!!


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