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Happy Friday – Time to Celebrate with Books and A Drink!


Happy Friday everyone!

You did it – made it through another week. Time to kick back, grab a good book, and pour yourself a drink.

Inspired by an article I read yesterday entitled 12 Literary Cocktails to Pair with Classic Reads by Read it Forward, I asked our Ink Monster authors what drinks they think pair best with their books.

Here’s what they said:

Becoming Alpha (The Alpha Girl Series, Book One) by Aileen Erin | Ink Monster

Aileen Erin says that for all of her Alpha Girl books, she suggests an ice-cold Diet Coke, preferably from a fountain! Seeing as heroine Tessa McCaide is underage, it may be best to stick with something non-alcoholic.

Cipher (The Shadow Ravens Series, Book One) by Aileen Erin | Ink Monster

And she’d pick Emma Jean’s go-to French 75 to pair with Cipher, Book One of the Shadow Ravens series.

Quanta (The Shadow Ravens Series, Book Two) by Lola Dodge | Ink Monster

Our second Shadow Ravens heroine, Quanta, would go with a Quagmyre: a delicious mix of chocolate milk, Irish cream, whisky – YUM!

One S'more Summer (the Campfire Series, Book One) by Beth Merlin | Ink Monster

Beth Merlin says the for One S’more Summer, Book One of the Campfire Series, she’d pick a classic pint of beer (probably from Rosie’s bar!) – Or maybe a hot toddy to drink while cuddled around the campfire (with a s’more in hand, of course!)

And for S’more to Lose, Book Two in the Campfire Series, Beth recommends a flute of champagne, for sure! It’s the perfect drink to sip when rubbing elbows with the upper crust of the British aristocracy.

Just don’t overdo it – it can be a recipe for disaster and can cause some loose lips (as some may have experienced in the book.)

Rum Runner (The Key West Escape Series, Book One) by Tricia Leedom | Ink Monster

This one probably seems obvious! But just in case you don’t have the ingredients for a Rum Runner or a Bahama Mama on hand, Tricia says that, for her Key West Escape series, anything with an umbrella will do!

Bahama Mama (Key West Escape, Book Two) by Tricia Leedom | Ink Monster

Her books, very aptly named after popular tropical drinks, take place in Key West, Florida. We’d say some kind of a tropical frozen beverage will work – or even a Corona with a lime, in a pinch! (Jimmy certainly would be enjoying one with you.)

For Deadly Sweet, Lola Dodge‘s newest release and Book One of the Spellwork Syndicate series, we’d probably say something fun and sweet – like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch drink, which is Rum Chata and Fireball over ice. Just be sure to sip it slowly – not only does it help you taste the sweet, cinnamon-y deliciousness as it rolls across your tongue, but it’s also a bit alcoholic so best to not slug it down unless you’re ready for a nap!



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