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Hectic Monday!

I’m finally back to LA after a cross-country drive that almost broke my spirit. Three days alone in the car is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long!

Now that I’m back, there’s so much to catch you up on:

1. Aileen and I totally failed to take pictures at DragonCon

We went and it was wild, but we were working so hard to navigate the crowds that we never took a break for photos. Wish I had some pics to share, but in retrospect, it’s probably better this way. There were a lot of inappropriate man thongs that you don’t need burned into your memory.

2. Quanta Reset is Launching!

I feel so unprepared. A million things need doing before launch, but we’re starting to get reviews from Netgalley and I’m so excited that you guys are liking the story so far. Only two more weeks!! Where did the time go???

Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens Series, #3) by Lola Dodge

3. Shattered Pack

Aileen is writing like a madwoman and getting the book finished up for November and I get to read all the drafts. You guys are definitely going to love this one. Meredith is the best!

Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl Series, #6) by Aileen Erin, releasing November 2016

4. Chinese Time

Because I don’t have enough on my plate, I signed up for Mandarin class two nights a week. I’m hoping this will help me get through my guilt for living in Taiwan for so long without learning to communicate. Right now, “I want candy” is still the most impressive thing I can say. Look forward to me showing off my new vocabulary all over the place when I finally learn some practical phrases!

5. Never Driving Again

Did I mention three days in the car??? Alone???? Atlanta to LA was zero fun. The highlight of my drive was my overnight stay in Salisaw, Oklahoma, where I got ice cream and bagel omelettes at Braum’s and found the secret restaurant where all the werewolves get their tacos. But, yeah. Never driving again. I might even Uber to my classes because I’ve spent way too much time behind the wheel lately.

A photo posted by Lola Dodge (@loladodge) on Sep 5, 2016 at 5:50pm PDT

Have a lovely week out there!

<3 Lola


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