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How’s it going?

Hey, y’all!

Hope you’re recovering from Thanksgiving! I know I’m on a green smoothie and salad diet for a while to make up for the carbfest that was last week! Oy vey! But it was worth it. 😉 I haven’t blogged in a while, due to my intense writing schedule, so it’s time for an update. Here goes!

1. Writing News: I finally sent a chunk of Shattered Pack off to my editor! Fingers crossed, y’all! I’m rolling along and liking where it’s going. I just hope she agrees. And I got a preview of the cover… IT’S LOOKING AWESOME! Can’t wait to see how it looks when Ana is done! I’m super stoked about this one. It was hard changing gears after starting Invocation, but now that I’m into Meredith’s story, I’m super digging it! Yay, writing!

2. I’m so stoked for the RWA (Romance Writers of America) National Convention in San Diego that I already reserved my room. 


I also applied to change my membership to PAN (meaning I have published works and made money from them). I could’ve done it a while ago, but I keep forgetting. Whoops! Fingers crossed I get approved. 😉 I didn’t get to go to the convention this year, so I’m making up for it now. Can’t wait! Being around other writers is always inspiring.

3. I smell like coconut. For reals, y’all. Winter is hell on my skin, and lately, I’ve skipped the lotion and gone straight for the coconut oil.


Only every time I put it on at night, J looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

J: Isn’t that food? Didn’t you get that at the grocery store?

Me: Yup.

J: And you’re rubbing it on your skin?

Me: Yup.

J: *suspicious look on his face* Are you sure you should be doing that?

Me: Yup.

He still doesn’t believe me. But it’s the best. And after a couple nights of doing it, my skin is silky smooth. Love it! No fancy lotions for this girl. Nah. Organic coconut oil is all I need.

Bonus: I smell like yummy cookies! 🙂

4. I’m obsessed with planners. It’s like a thing. I kickstart any planners that I know about. So far, I’ve got the Passion Planner, Spark Notebook, Basics Notebook, and the Bullet Journal. I’m trying to decide which one to use for 2016, and I’m leaning toward either the Passion Planner or the Spark. Last year I used the Bullet Journal. It was pretty good, but I’m always looking to improve things. Organization is key for me, because I can’t remember a date to save my life! And if I don’t write something down on my daily to do list, chances are I’ll totally forget. Check it out:


I’m an absent minded writer cliche. But I found a good work around, a solid planner. And it can’t be digital. I never keep up with those suckers. I digress. As soon as I get the Passion Planner and Spark Notebooks in the mail (should be soon!), I’ll give an update, with a picture of what a day in the life of a writer is like.

5. I’ve been sitting here, trying to come up with one more thing to finish out my usual five, but my mind is blank and I must get back to writing. So, here’s something that made me LOL this week:





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