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It’s 12.12! I don’t know why that seems fun to me…Probably because it’s also Friday and who doesn’t love Friday? Fuckin’ weirdos, that’s who!

1. My house is in chaos. There’s paper and plastic covering the floors. I’m grossly outnumbered. Worker dudes=10. Me=1. Holy moly. But this is all good stuff. All the plumbing problems have been fixed. The smells are gone. Now it’s repairing the damage that was done aaaaaaand my husband is having all kinds of AV stuff installed. Because why not? (It’s a new house to us.) As I type, multiple drills and power tools are in use. Thank God for Bose noise cancelling earbuds. They’re saving my life, and my writing, right now!

Clockwise from top left: My office ceiling with new light installed and new holes. The missing wall where the pipe was replaced. My living room covered in plastic and tools. Raul sawing into the wall in front of my dining room table where I’m working.

Anyhow, I’m much more chill about this than I was about broken pipes and sewage in my living room. With good reason. Because that was fucking gross.

2. This is a couple of weeks old, but it made me smile.

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars. I watch exactly zero hrs/week of reality TV. The only reason I know anything that happens on that stuff is because of The Soup. Which, if you don’t watch it, you should start. Because SO FUNNY! I <3 Joel McHale. I met him once and he was super nice. That made me haz a happy.

3. Probably not a surprise, but I used to be obsessed with being an astronaut. Like I even went to Space Camp. The movie Space Camp was my most favorite movie ever. Me and my BFF at the time watched it every weekend. I had space themed birthday parties at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I kind of wish I still lived in Houston so that I could have my next birthday party there. Am I too old for that? Maybe. Do I give a fuck? Nope. Not one fuck given. But I just looked it up on their website, and apparently it no longer exists. This is a travesty to all nerdy kids. I mean it was AWESOME. You did a simulation to space. The party was split into two groups—mission control and the space shuttle.

And I’m going way off what I was supposed to talk about…

I saw this video the other day and it was so pretty! I totally nerded out.

For a moment, I wished I was an astronaut. But then I thought, hey, I can just write about it, right? I guess that’s where that other book that will be coming out in a bit came from…my love of all things space.

4. I saw this video this AM and I loves it.

I really hate it when a woman is determined and a shark in business she’s labelled as a bitch, but a guy—nope that’s just good business. As a woman who’s a Co-CEO of her own company, that makes me angry. The double standard sucks.

But this song…well, it made me laugh.

Fuck it. If sometimes people think I’m a bitch, then that’s okay. I’m just being a good business woman. Me likey!

5. I’m sure that anyone who’s read the Alpha Girl series knows my love for electronic music. One of my all-time favorites is BT. For those of you who aren’t as familiar, here’s one of the songs I mentioned in Becoming Alpha:

So, the other day I saw something really rad. BT had a Kickstarter where he was trying to get money to do a show that mixed orchestra and electronic music! Holy moly! I was SO IN. I totes backed it. I’m really excited about my backer stuff, but I’m more excited about this project that he’s doing. He played on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast last Friday, which he has some mock-ups of what he wants to do during his set. Take a listen:

6. Since I’m a day late, one bonus post. I saw these candles and I’m kind of seriously thinking of ordering one:

Even if my sister says she never trusts a gin drinker (whatever that means), I’m totally a gin drinker. And who doesn’t love rosemary?! I have a bunch growing outside my front door. Love the way it smells. So, yeah. I think I might need this. J might need the bourbon one.

That’s all I’ve got for today! It’s back to writing for me on this rare rainy Friday in Los Angeles.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Xoxo Aileen


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