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It’s Friday! Huzzah!

Holy moly, y’all! It’s AUGUST!?! I don’t know about you, but this summer is going by way too fast for me. Like seriously too fast.

Okay, so here are some things from the past week and things that I’m looking forward to this weekend.

1. I saw World War Z.

I know, I know, it’s been out for FOREVER, but Le Hubby saw it without me while he was in London. So, I’m a little late to the WWZ party…if there ever was a WWZ party…which I’m not sure there was. Le Hubby told me one thing to think about as I watched the movie: pretend Brad Pitt is playing a super famous actor named Brad Pitt. Because people are way too nice to him during all out pandemonium. Y’all, this is great advice. I had a fun time watching a totally decent zombie movie. But if I hadn’t been pretending that Brad Pitt was playing Brad Pitt, I would’ve been all “WTF?” during the movie. If you haven’t seen it, and are thinking of seeing it, remember this: Brad Pitt’s character is actually Brad Pitt.

2. I’m now diet coke free. I have been for a week. I kind of miss it, but staying strong. That shit is poison. (My new mantra.)

3. As a longtime reader of the Sookie Stackhouse books (I read the first one, Dead Until Dark, in 2001, when it first came out.) and fan of Alan Ball, I’m struggling to get into this new season. I’ve been watching it since the beginning and seen how it’s slowly, and finally completely, diverged from anything that happened in the books. But I have to say that I’m having trouble with Season Six.

I don’t know that I can watch it anymore. I’m trying to separate the show and the books in my mind, but I can’t handle what they’ve done with Bill’s character. Anyone else have the same issue?

4. I was on the plane yesterday, and I saw someone reading A Game of Thrones and it made me laugh. Because HAWTALTA! I read it in 2002, and quickly followed with the next two books. And then had to wait FOREVER for the next installment. I know a lot of people are freaking out now because who knows when the next book will come out. The thing is, as a long time time fantasy reader, now as a writer, and publisher, I have the privilege of knowing that they take forever to write and publish. Years. Fantasy books are complicated, and getting all those plots right is freaking hard. You get used to the wait because you know that only means it’s going to be awesome. I’m just really glad to see people reading and enjoying it. Also, I’m kind of hoping that this will bring a whole new group of people to the fantasy genre in general, because fantasy was my first love. I’d love to write one…I just need the right character and the right story. Also, I’ll get ahead a few books before I publish the first one, because waiting blows.

5. On a little bit of a more personal note, Le Hubby is coming home on Sunday! Huzzah! While he was gone, two things happened: his birthday and our wedding anniversary.  (Yes, our anniversary is the day after his birthday. We only had a few weeks to choose from as we scheduled around his busy film-life, and that was the best option. Poor guy turned thirty one day and got married the next. It was a big weekend.) Suffice it to say I always miss him when he’s gone, but this time I missed him a little bit more. Counting down the hours.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! Xo Aileen


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