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It’s the last Friday of August!


1. This is my last week in LA for the next 11 months. Hopefully London is prepared for the awesomeness that is the Latchams. I’m not sure when I’ll be back before then, but I’m not ruling out a trip back. I’m going to have a new nephew in a few months, and I don’t think Skype will keep me going for long. Right now I’m a big jumbled mess of stress (due to packing/moving), excited (because LONDON!), and sad (goodbyes, even temporary, are hard). A couple of years ago, we did eight months in Albuquerque and one month in Cleveland. We had some of LH’s family and a couple of friends come visit. Which was amazing! Albuquerque was fine, but having those few visitors really made the time go by faster. This move, I have a feeling that the draw will be bigger. At least I’m hoping. Because I’m going to miss both my family and my friends. I heart them bigtime.

2. Packing sucks. Seriously. That’s all I have to say about that.


3. E-Readers might be the best invention ever. Y’all, I have a shitton of books. It’s been confirmed by all who have been to my house. I haul them with me every place I live. However, I cannot haul them not only across the country, but also over an ocean. I’m leaving them behind. (Insert sad face here.) Thank God for e-readers. (I’m of the Kindle variety because that’s what LH got me for my birthday six years ago, but Nook/Kobo/iPad are just as fantastic.) I’ve got almost 700 books on my Kindle, and my e-book library is always growing. I like being able to take it with me wherever I go. It’s never come more handy than now. I’m not so sad about leaving all my books behind. That said, as soon as we move back, those books are coming out of their boxes and being organized on the shelves first thing. Or maybe second thing. (Pro tip: Making your bed should always be first thing when moving into a new place. Trying to find your sheets and make your bed after a long day of moving/unpacking when your body is aching and all you want to do is go to sleep is a special kind of hell.)


4. I’m currently having a book hangover. Yes, I stayed up until after 2AM reading the most awesome book. Yes, I’m having trouble focusing on anything else because I want to go re-read this book ASAP. Also, I want book three in the series RIGHT FREAKING NOW! But pre-orders aren’t up and the author’s website doesn’t say when it will be out. CUE PANIC! I need it. And I need it now! Write faster! Please. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.03.59 AM

5. I’m having a love affair with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I’ll admit it. I have weak nails, y’all. I take my vitamins and drink lots of water and they still break. And a month ago I did something that a person with weak nails should never do—I got gels. Oy vey. This Burt’s Bees stuff is amazing. It’s saving my nails! Huzzah! I’m not sure if I can get it in the UK, so I’m going to have to stop by the CVS and grab a bunch. I keep pausing while writing to rub in more. It’s an addiction, but as addictions go, I feel like this one is fairly innocuous.



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