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Just keep swimming. ;)

Another week has gone by?! HOLY MOLY! Time is flying. So much to do. So little time.

Without further ado, here are some things that have been on my mind the last week:

1. Sometimes it rains. Other times it pours. I found out last week that I need surgery to get rid of an ovarian cyst that they found when I was preggo. They were hoping it’d go away, but it didn’t. Which most likely means it’s been there for a while. I’ve had surgery before, so I’m not too scared about that part of it. I’m more annoyed than anything. Doesn’t my body know I’m on a deadline?! Oy vey. So, in 11 days, it’s under the knife for me.


And since I was already at it, the muscle in my left eye has been slowly giving out for the past three years. My eyelid is drooping and if it gets any worse, it’s going to start affecting my vision. When I’m really tired, it already does affect my vision. Soooooo, why not go for broke? The week after my cyst comes out, the eye is getting fixed. Luckily it’s just a local anesthetic not general. So it’s a minor thing. But that means I’ll be awake while the oculoplastic surgeon cuts on my eyelid. Is it just me or does that sound like some kind of evil torture? O.o Gonna need some good anxiety drugs to get me thought that one. Eeeeeee!

2. In light of everything that has happened the past few months, with the addition of the aforementioned surgery, I’ve adopted a new motto:

Love Dori. She’s the best, right?! And it’s true. Sometimes when life is crazy—as it tends to be—you just gotta keep swimming. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m swimming. Every day. And my light at the end of the tunnel is vacay. And then I literally be swimming. Honeymoon Beach, here I come! Maybe I’ll even see Dori?! 😉

3. What do y’all think of the new Cinderella movie? If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

I can’t decide what I think about it. Until Beauty and the Beast came out, Cinderella was my most favorite Disney movie. But now that I’m older, I want there to be a better message sent to girls. This seems like the same old Cinderella. I’m hoping that there is a twist here that they’re not showing. Either way, I’ll probably be seeing it at the El Capitan when it releases. Love seeing movies there! If you’re in the Hollywood area and haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for?! And if you’re not, but you come visit, definitely go see a movie there. They do a little show at the beginning. It’s always a good time, and fun for kiddos. Plus, there’s an ice cream store next door. Yum! That reminds me, I should probably ask my sister about taking my niece… Family trip to the movies?! *makes mental note*

4. As we’ve been decorating the house, we’ve changed out the wallpaper. I think the designer who flipped the house thought that the owners would be older or more fancy than us or a combo of both. But the wallpaper was boring. So I changed it.


I think the designer that we’re working with kind of thinks I’m crazy. I was like, I need this robot wallpaper!!! She was like…ooooookay? *shrug* It makes me happy. Aren’t they cute?! I <3 Robots!

5. Since I’ve been using my Fitbit and trying to work out a bunch to lose this weight that I put on while preggo, I’ve gone back to my love affair with my elliptical.


Y’all. It’s getting serious. I love this stupid thing. I know it’s silly, but I really do like getting on it everyday. Why? I don’t know. But I’m just so lucky to have it. J and I love a good deal, and this one was a really good one. We found it on Craigslist, and after driving all over LA looking at like a million of them, I thought finding a good, clean one for a decent price was a lost cause. We almost didn’t go see this one. I was annoyed and sick of being in the car. But J will exhaust every option before giving up. He’s kind of a machine like that.

So, the last one on our list to see was this one. The guy who owned it had used it all of three times in the first week he owned it, and then never again in the intervening five years. The dude was moving the day we saw it and needed to unload it. Fast. It was basically new. The only thing wrong with it was the battery was totally dead. (It charges as you use it.) So, he gave it to us for practically nothing, and it’s a gym quality Precor. The exact one that I’d been dreaming of.

Y’all, that’s all J’s good luck. He’s like magic. I swear. It’s crazypants.

While I was in London, I missed the stupid thing like crazy. But I’m back now, and I think it might be my most favorite piece of furniture. Well, I might like my bed a wee bit better…

6. A while back I donated to the Espoinage Cosmetics Kickstarter. They wanted to make new nail wraps. Guess what?! They came in the mail today!!!


So, now I’m faced with this dilemma—which one do I wear first? Also, I kind of feel bad using them because then they’ll be gone! Oh nos! I do that with all kinds of things. Like I’ll get a super cute notebook and then not use it because then it’ll be all used up and I won’t have it anymore. LOL! I’m such a dork. But I like these so much, that I HAVE to use them. I’m thinking of going with the light cycle ones or maybe the lunar phases. Decisions, decisions.

7. The new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster was released this week. I’m super proud of J and his awesome producing powers.


Can’t wait until this one comes out. Mostly because that means I’ll get my hubby back (he’s been working like a mad man for the past two years on this one…), and that makes me superduper happy. But also, because I’m a nerd and want to see it. 😉

And on that note, I’m going to put on some nail wraps and get ready for some weekend fun. Or—more likely—a weekend of butt-in-chair as I finish writing Bruja. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Xoxo Aileen



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