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Lola’s Christmas List

Christmas is coming and I’m super excited I get to spend this one in the U.S. with my fam. I was in Taiwan last year, and even though my parents flew over for the holidays, it wasn’t the same.

Given, I’m  kind of Scroogey to begin with…working retail made me hate carols and the crazy shopping buy buy buy atmosphere that goes on all December drives me insane. In the quest for Christmas presents, everyone in my fam has come to this place where we don’t need or want anything else. We have reached the bottom of the present barrel and are probably just exchanging chocolates and Xmas scratch-off tickets.

And that’s exactly why my Christmas list is so insane this year. Go big or go home, right?

Here’s what I’d love to find under my tree:

1. Jumping Stilts. Seriously. I need them. They’re only like $600, which is a super reasonable amount, and I’m sure the elves can make them for cheaper. It’s vital that I have these in my daily life.

2. A giant Lindt truffle. It’s pretty self-explanatory why I need this. Everyone needs this.

3. More kigurumi. Yes, I already have one, but one is not enough. I probably need a Totoro kigurumi, and an owl, and a unicorn, and…all the kigurumi.

4. A ticket on the Peace Boat. These cost a bajillion dollars, but the cruise docks at a crazy amount of countries and it’s my life dream to be on the voyage. I think I’ve earned this one.

5. A new Choi Nori. I won’t be able to carry many groceries when I’m going around town on my jumping stilts, so I definitely need a new set of wheels. The Choi Nori was my ride back in Taiwan and I’m dying to get a new one. Preferably in pink.

6. Zombie emergency kit. Because the zombie apocalypse is bound to happen in 2015.


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