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My Citadel Scrapbook

I’m in Los Angeles today, chilling with the other Ink Monsters…and by chilling I mean plotting and scheduling for 12 hours a day.

The good news is we’re being crazy productive (minus the occasional YouTube break) as we feed off each others’ creative energy, and the Shadow Ravens are finally getting all the attention they need.

We’re dying to show you more of the Ravens’ world. Cipher introduced you to the voids in all their gritty, trailer park glory. When Quanta rolls around next year, you’ll see the other side of the coin–the “perfect” Seligo in their glass towers, living the dream safe inside the Citadel they call home.

Until then, here’s a sneak peak over the Citadel’s walls!

Who doesn’t love a test tube baby? With immortality on the table, reproduction is locked down. If you want kids, you better earn the right to pick one from a catalog.

Helix tattoo

Better have a helix tat if you want to stay in the Citadel. If you’re not good enough to earn one, you’re wasting everyone else’s oxygen.

Gaming helmet

The tech is the best of the best. Want to test drive a VR gaming helmet?

White towers

So clean. Much glass. Very white. Wow.

Growing tower

Vertical agriculture feeds hungry Citadel bellies.

Hot glasses

Hot guy tax (Altair says hello–he’ll be waiting for you next October).

Quanta (The Shadow Ravens, #2) by Lola Dodge |

Quanta’s waiting too 😉

Preorder now at Amazon, B&N, Kobo or iTunes.



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