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My Fave Scary Movies

I looooove a good scary movie. Like LOOOOOOOVE them. It’s kind of a sicknes. That said, I’ve never read a horror novel. I feel like those might be too scary for me, but I’m working up my nerve for them. (Suggestions welcome in the comments.) But I digressed…

Since it’s Halloween, I decided I’d share with y’all my all time favorite Halloween movies. You might notice a trend on what I find scary. 😉

1. PoltergeistI love all three of them, but the first one is kind of amazing. It’s scary as hell, and when I saw it as a little kiddo, I freaked out. FREAKED OUT. (I should note that my parents didn’t regulate my TV/movie watching AT ALL. In fact, I had a movie night in my backyard last summer, and my mom happened to be in town, so she came. Guess what we watched? When my little bro and I started saying the lines of the movie with it, she realized that we must have watched it a ton as kids, and she flipped out. LOL! Whoops.) Apparently this post is filled with digressions. Sorry! Anyhow, I still love this movie. It holds up. Now that I’m older, I find it more terrifying than before. What could be worse than some unknown supernatural stealing your child and taking it to another dimension?

2. The Conjuring — This is the most recent release on my list. We saw it when it first came out and I have to say that I was FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Usually, LH doesn’t like to sleep with any lights on (I do), and we have to fight a little after I watch a super scary movie about whether or not the nightlight gets turned on. This time there was no fight. We got home, and he went straight to the bedroom and plugged in my nightlight on high. The next night, we went to dinner, and he said, “I think the best plan from now on is to never think of that movie ever again.” HE WAS STILL SCARED. I was too, but I’m more of a baby. I love to see the scary movies, and then I can’t sleep for a week. He just brushes them off. But not this movie. That’s why it’s on my list.

3. The Omen — I saw this one when I was in middle school. In fact, I stayed up all night watching the all four movies with my dad. I was too scared to watch them alone, and he didn’t mind holding me while I shook my way through them. TERRIFIED ME. How scary can a toddler be? Pretty freaking scary when he’s the Antichrist.

4. The Exorcist — Y’all, this movie is fucked up. Like seriously fucked up. I’m typing this now, not even watching it, just remembering it from the last time I watched it YEARS ago, and I probably won’t sleep. Can’t think about it anymore. Just putting the link to the trailer.

5. Event Horizon — I saw this movie in the movie theater with my mother. I was about to start my sophomore year in high school, and I wanted to see one last summer movie before classes started. I only saw the poster for it–no trailer. I thought it was going to be sci-fi. Like Star Trek or something. Yeah, it’s nothing like Star Trek. Halfway through the movie we realized it was a horror film, but by then we were already too invested to leave. My mother gripped my hand so hard, and we were both shaking. And to add to the creepy level, there was no one else in the theater. The movie had tanked, but I was such a nerd, I just wanted to see a scifi. I didn’t really care what it was. Anyhow, it might have been extra scary because it was a surprise and magnified by the fact that it was just the two of us in the theater. But whatever the reason, this movie will always make my list of scariest movies.

There you have it. My five scariest movies. Did you notice a trend?


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