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Nose, meet grindstone.

Hey, y’all. Taking a wee writing break to blog. So much to do. So little time!

1. It’s not surprising that the biggest thing on my mind right now is my deadline.


It’s been a rough four months, and it’s been hard to write. But now the words are flowing. Thank God. So much work to do before May! I guess it’s good I work best under pressure. 😉

2. One tool that I’ve found really helpful the past couple of weeks is a Pomodoro Timer app.


It breaks up the work day into 25 min chunks with 5 min breaks. That way I don’t end up sitting down all day. Which also helps me get my 10K steps goal that much easier. Aaaand I end up writing faster when I know I get a break in 5 min. Two birds. One stone. That’s my kind of app. Love it!

3. On one of those lovely 5 min breaks, I watched this:

OMG! I would absolutely read that book. I mean, how many times did Hermione save those boys’ butts? SO MANY TIMES. Would love to read the story from start to finish from her POV. Probably never going to happen, but a girl can dream…

4. I got this little Funko Groot bobblehead the other day. He’s keeping me company while I write.


Look at that sweet face! Love me some Groot!

5. Last weekend, J was worked… Le sigh. So, I went to lunch on Valentine’s day with two lovely ladies. On the walk to the restaurant (Hyperion Public. Super yum if you’re in the area!), we passed a girl scout. Y’all, it’s cookie time. She had her cute little red wagon. I mean, it was like my duty as an adult to buy some. Right? Right?!


Okay, so I’m trying to lose weight. But what’s ONE cookie going to hurt every now and then. Not much.

*Pro Tip: They save great in the freezer! Just thaw the Samoas (aka Caramel Delites) for few before eating. I make my boxes last for months this way. 🙂

6. My whiteboards are here! And installed.


Yup, J had fun writing on them the first night. Right now, I’m plotting on them…so no more pictures for the web, but suffice it to say, I love them. Now I need some magnets. I want something fun and cute. But I need a bunch of them. I’m thinking these:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.55.33 PM

Anyone have a fave cute magnet set? Let me know! I’m in the market!

7. Since I finished Arrow, I started re-watching Fringe while I’m on the elliptical.

Dude. This show is awesome. I watched it while it was airing, but it’s really neat to watch it again from start to finish knowing where the show ends up. I didn’t pick up on all the breadcrumbs left in season one. Really fantastic writing. Plus, how awesome is Olivia? She’s such a kick ass girl. Strong. Smart. Empowered. Really fantastic female lead. You don’t get that very often, and I seriously enjoy it. Wish there were more shows like this one!

Okay. That’s all for now. It’s back to writing Bruja for me.




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