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Oh, sweet Friday…

1. I went to Selfridges this week. It’s a pretty fantastic department store. Maybe not as luxurious as Harrods, but awesome all the same. They have a food hall, much like Harrods, but it has different sections of food from around the world. The American aisle was pretty pathetic.


I mean come on. Couldn’t we do better than this processed junk? Le sigh.

2. This made me smile:


3. This coming week I have a couple of Hollywoodish things to do. Two premieres. One of which is black tie. This might mean I have to do some shopping. I feel like for most girls, this would make for a fun outing, but for me, sounds like a pain in my ass. Sometimes I wish I was more girly, but then I remember that I’m me. And I really do like me. So, I don’t see the point in changing this late in the game. Guess I’ll be putting on those big girl panties and heading to the stores. Maybe I’ll finally get a coat. And some Wellies? 😉

4. Is it just me or does it suck that laundry is never really done?


I’ve been doing laundry most of today in my super small UK washer. It’s finally all done, and I have that happy no more dirty clothes left feeling. But it’s all going to end in a couple of hours when I get ready for bed. Wouldn’t it be cool to be like Samantha Stephens and just wiggle your nose and have everything just magically be clean? That would be so rad. Well, a girl can dream.

5. LH had been out of town since last Saturday, but got back last night. First on the order of business was to watch Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey.


OMG! I can’t say anything about it because season doesn’t start until February in the US, but man…drama and tension and awesome acting. It’s such a fantastic show. Anywho, it’s been on my mind. Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode. I’ll be at the premiere of Saving Mr.Banks, doing the whole black tie thing, but I’m watching it first chance. A girl has to have her priorities. Apparently, Downton Abbey is one of mine.


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