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Quanta on Tour!

There’s been a lot of blog tour news flying around, so I wanted to get all up in the mix because LOOK, I’VE GOT A BLOG TOUR, TOO!!!

Quanta is second in the Shadow Ravens series, but will be first in a trilogy of Quanta-POV books. You’re gonna want to get in on the ground floor for this fun!

Bloggers, sign up HERE if you want to host a tour stop for Quanta between October 5th and 13th.

Quanta will be out in the wild on October 13th and on NetGalley a month or so before release.

Make sure to support Aileen’s tour for Alpha Unleashed, which runs September 221st-29th. Zero date crossover, so it’s totally cool if you want to host both books!

I’ve been part of the Ink Monster fam for a long time, but it’s so cool that I’m finally getting on the published roster. Thanks to all you readers who’ve shown me so much love already! Crossing my fingers you’ll like Quanta as much as I do 😉

<3 Lola


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