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Red carpet, Totoro pop tarts, and more!

It’s Friday?! Already?! Is it just me or has this week flown by?

I’m a day late on blogging, but the in-laws left yesterday and it took a day of chilling to get back in my groove. So, I’m blogging today!

1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere was super awesome! The movie played like gangbusters. People cheered. Laughed. And after, there was much debate over which one was better. IMHO, this one definitely is has more heart, humor, and action than the last one. (What?! How is that even possible?!)

Anywho, here are some pics from the red carpet:


My lovely mother-in-law, Me, J’s Granny, and J


Waiting our turn to go down the gauntlet…



Phew! Exhausting. But so happy for J and all his hard work. Three years of 90+hour work weeks really paid off. Now we’re just crossing fingers and toes for an awesome opening weekend.

2. Since we’re on the topic of movies, what does everyone think of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer?

It looks beautifully shot. I love all the fangirl stuff. But I was really hoping for more about the story. Le sigh. Guess I’m gonna have to wait. 😉

3. I found this food vlogger, and I’m kind of obsessed now.

I think maybe I should make something this weekend. Only, what?! Might have to be these:


4. Today Taylor—the super awesome lady who is helping me with the house—came by and decorated the display case in the front hall! Super stoked with how it turned out.


Don’t know how I managed to take such a crooked picture, but you get the idea. 😉


Getting all the stuff out there that is “us” is really helping this house feel more like our home. It’s nice seeing this last little transformation. Makes me have a happy.

5. Y’all, I’m totes posting on Instagram now! I’m so much better about posting stuff on there than I am on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook because they don’t let me upload straight to my author account—only to my personal one. Lame. And Twitter because I still don’t really get Twitter. I totally tweet via Instgram, but I feel like the feed goes so fast, everything gets lost in there. Anyhow, check me out there if you want more pictures through the week. I’m @aelatcham

Since I’m late, two BONUS items:

6. We have a new Ink Monster! Please welcome CANDACE ESCOBAR to the team.

Candace 2

Candace keeps the Ink Monsters on track. She the master of databases, social media, events, and a million other things. When she’s not whipping up tasty creations (her green juice is for reals delish), she can be found painting amazing works of art, scouring flea markets for vintage pyrex, and trying out all things beauty. She’s a self-proclaimed Valley Girl, and can be seen there taking her Boston Terrier, Fiona, on long walks.

She’s been my friend for years. Love her to death! But if you get emails from Ink Monster, you’ll probably see some from her. She’s the bomb. Both her and Lola have been getting on my butt about Instagram. So that’s why I’m on it. Check them out, too: @fionaflys and @loladodge

7A. Bruja is now up on NetGalley for reviewers! If you didn’t know already, then sign up for the emails! 🙂

7B. Also, I’m taking over Abby’s Book Reviews on Monday! Come check it out! I’ll be doing giveaways… 😉 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone! Xoxo A


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