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So much plotting in so little time.

All the Monsters (Ink Monsters that is…) are together at my house in Los Angeles. Let me tell you, extra large post-it notes are covering my dining room walls. Shit is getting planned and plotted. We are machines. And now, I’m brain dead and blogging. This could be trouble…

1. Watch this.

You’re welcome.

2. Have y’all seen the third Hobbit movie trailer?

I’m on the fence… I’ve been pretty disappointed by them so far, so I’m not sure that I want to see this one. But I will. Because Tolkien.

3. My husband woke me up this morning as he left to tell me that the new Kindle was on the front porch. HOW DID THEY GET IT HERE SO EARLY?! Are they magicians?


Needless to say I can’t wait to get it loaded up with books and check it out. More thoughts on this next week. 🙂

4. Plotting in a group is made of win. Seriously. Having a group of trusted individuals to bounce ideas off of and help plot and plan your book—AWESOME! It saves so much time. They find plot holes. See things you’re missing. Remind you of things you’re forgetting. And basically make sure your ass is covered. Two thumbs up. Way up!

5. Plotting for 6 hrs yesterday + 12 hrs today = Aileen is FRIED. So, I’ll leave you with this:

I’m impressed. For reals.



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