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The Good. The Bad. The SuperSad.

Hey, everyone!

It’s been a while, and I figured it was time to give y’all an update. Instead of my usual format of five things, I figured I’d just reflect on 2014 and talk about what’s planned for 2015. So, without further ado, here are the Good, the Bad, and the Super Sad—with good stuff last. Because why end with sad stuff?

The BAD (-ish): As y’all who read my blog know, 2014 started out rough for me. I was living in London temporarily while my husband worked on his movie. Don’t get me wrong, I loved/love London, but being a writer is a solitary life and I really count on friends and family to check in and make sure I don’t go full-hermit. Well, with J working so much and being so far away from friends and family… Yeah. We’re talking full-hermit mode. Which isn’t as fun as it sounds, even for a shy introvert. (Yup, I’m the awkward double-whammy!) But I did love living in London. We were actually a bit outside of the city in Richmond.


Boy is Richmond Park beautiful!

I miss my long walks in the park for sure. And I managed to make a few friends, who kept me going. <3

We moved home in August, after 11 months abroad, and I was ready to be back in LA close to my family and friends. And SUNSHINE! (I don’t know if you know this, but London is SUPER rainy. 😉  ) We bought a house, got moved in, and then the plumbing fiasco of 2014 hit—a sewer line in our living room wall broke. And yes, it’s as gross as it sounds. Not to mention stinky. Thus started months of repairmen visits and chaos.


The entrance to the living room as it was being repaired…

The walls are finally patched, and the past two weeks have been my first since moving in without people coming and going all day. Huzzah!

The SUPERSAD: I got pregnant just after I got back to LA. J and I were super stoked and I was set for a May due date (perfectly timed for both of our schedules), but on December 26th, when I was nearly at the halfway mark of my pregnancy, my water unexpectedly broke. What proceeded was over 50 hours of labor, knowing that at the end I was going to get to hold my daughter for mere minutes before I’d have to say goodbye. In other words, pure hell and heartbreak.


Annabelle Sunshine Latcham was born still December 28th, 2014. 7 oz. 8.3 inches long.

We spread her ashes on the January 2nd by the Griffith Observatory—which I can see from my house. The past few weeks I’ve cried myself out. I’ve gone through all of the stages of grief and back again. And now, I’m slowly coming around to acceptance. My heart has a big chunk missing, but life does what it always will. It goes on. And somehow, so must I.

The GOOD: After losing Annabelle, it’s hard for me to look back on 2014 and think of anything but pain and grief. That’s not really indicative of the year, though. I got to do lots of fun things—like go to to Disneyland Paris, Italy, Spain. Live in freaking LONDON for Pete’s sake! We bought a beautiful house that I think we’ll live in (hopefully) for years to come…with less plumbing issues (knocks on wood!). And Ink Monster moved over 250,000 books.

That’s the big one. Let’s look at that number again.

Holy shit, y’all. That’s a lot of books.

I also wrote three books last year—the most I’ve ever written—and got so much love and fan mail from readers. It’s been amazing. I never imagined when I started writing that I’d ever sell more than a few hundred books, let alone so many thousands. I never thought I’d hear from readers. I hoped. I dreamed. And this year, that dream became a reality. Which is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for everyone who read, and liked, my books. <3

What’s NEXT: This year should be a crazy one for me and J. His movie comes out on May 1st, and I’ll be so glad to get him back for a little while. These movies eat so much of his time and energy. For a few precious months, I’ll have my best friend, my partner, my soulmate back without a huge ball of stress hanging over his head. I can’t wait! Literally counting down the days. (I have an app for that!) And shortly after it releases, we’re going on vacay! We haven’t been on a big vacay for a few years, thanks to J’s work schedule. But we’re taking 2 weeks off over my birthday, after Bruja comes out, and we’re going to have totally stress-free fun in the sun in St. John.

I have two books to write and release—Bruja and Alpha Unleashed. Aaaand I’m going to start a new series that will come out next year. I’m so excited about it, y’all! I worked on the first part of it while finishing my MFA at Seton Hill University with the lovely Maria V. Snyder as my mentor, and I think it’s the best thing I’ve written yet. It’s a science fantasy with a good dose of romance. It’s going to be a trilogy, and I have the first book just about done. The ending needs a little tweak, and then on to book two!

I’m turning 33. Call me crazy, but I feel like that’s a good number. It feels lucky. The number 3 is a good one, and this is DOUBLE 3s! I think this year is going to be a good one. Quite honestly, it doesn’t have anywhere to go but up from here.

In the immediate future, I’m letting my body and my heart heal—exercising, getting good nutrition, and spending time in the sun every day. The last two years I’ve been doing the whole “butt in chair” thing to get books written…and well, to be honest, especially after this pregnancy, my butt has gotten noticeably bigger. So, time to get moving! And when the doctor gives me the thumbs up, we’ll see if Annabelle will send us down a little brother or sister for her.

In the meantime, I’m spending time with Claudia as I write Bruja.


After that, it’s back to my girl, Tessa, and Alpha Unleashed.

This is a bit belated, but I hope everyone had a safe holiday and a happy new year.

Much love, Aileen


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