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The Latest from Lolaland

I’ve been neglecting my blog (again). This time, my excuse is travel and sickness and general busy-ness, but I’m back now, and I’m ready to get you caught up with all things happening in Lolaland.

1. I spent last week in Taipei. After two years in Taiwan, the city feels like home, so I didn’t take many pictures or do touristy things or even go anywhere new. Instead, I met up with friends. We made a list of things to eat while I was in town and hit that list HARD. I had all my favorite bakery breads, radish cakes, fried night market foods, and checked out the latest restaurant recs from the Taipei food bloggers (especially Hungry in Taipei, which you should follow if only to drool over Taiwanese food pics).

Here’s one shot from Raohe night market. It’s a miracle I took this, because I was already juggling multiple foods when we hit the scallion pancake stand.

A photo posted by Lola Dodge (@loladodge) on Mar 15, 2016 at 9:15pm PDT

2. Taipei was FREEZING by my current standard. It was 50s and rainy and I know some of you would kill for 50s, but it’s super cold when you’re used to 100 every day. Plus I only have one long-sleeved shirt, so I ended up layering multiple outfits every day to stay warm. Maybe that’s why I caught a cold…

3. Now I’m back to Chiang Mai and it’s burning season. The farmers are burning fields and clearing underbrush (for some convoluted reason involving mushrooms) and because it doesn’t rain this time of year, all the smoke gets trapped, solidifying in a haze over the region that gets denser and denser until rainy season comes to save us. It’s gross and I need to start wearing my Winter Soldier air mask to go outside. Unfortunately, we’re still on the low/tolerable end of the yuck spectrum, so it’s only going to get worse for the next month. Ew.

We're in yellow... But it's going to get to orange before this is over.

We’re in yellow… But it’s going to get to orange before this is over.

4. I had an orthodontist appointment as soon as I got back to town and this one was rough. I hate hate hate hate hate the power chain and the current spring contraption being used to make more space in my mouth. So I haven’t eaten in two days and feel great sympathy for all teenagers who’ve experienced this torture. Someone have a bagel in my honor today.

At least no one can see my mouth when I'm wearing 'the mask'...

At least no one can see my mouth when I’m wearing ‘the mask’… #burningseasonfashion

5. I fell down a wormhole called Stardew Valley. It’s like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing had a baby and it’s perfect if you love repetitive farming games as much as I do. Plus there’s fishing and mining and combat and dating.

Welcome to Dodge Farm. Here's tiny Lola and the mutant mushroom tree that grew on the lot.

Welcome to Dodge Farm. Here’s tiny Lola and a mutant mushroom tree.

It’s getting rave reviews (and killing the Steam charts), and people are loving its inclusivity. In the original Harvest Moon you had to play as a guy who could romance one of five girls. Now you can play as a guy or a girl (which you can customize!) and romance any of the ten single NPCs. Even better, you can SEDUCE ALL OF THEM. In HM, your spouse got mad if you gave the other girls flowers. Now you can build a harem and string along as many characters you want with no consequences. Not a great model for real life dating (maybe), but we don’t need your morals on Dodge Farm. I’ll date all the boys I want and you can’t stop me.

Stardew Valley's Sebastian

Don’t worry, Sebastian. You’re still my favorite <3

6. I put up the picture of basketball Inky in honor of March Madness, but I’m unable to talk about my brackets this year. Too many upsets. Too sad for my picks ;__;

Now excuse me while I grow artichokes and console myself with my virtual husband. It’s totally healthy and I totally have nothing else I should be doing like editing or writing or taxes or being an adult.

[[guilty procrastination sobs]]


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